Tyga Spotted Out With Another Kylie Jenner Look-Alike More Than 2 Years After Split — Pics

Tyga definitely has a type! Two years after he and Kylie Jenner broke up, he was spotted with yet another woman who looks just like her.

Tyga Kylie Jenner Look Alike
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Saw what you will about Tyga‘s dating habits, but the man certainly knows what he likes. The “Rack City” rapper, 29, was spotted in Beverly Hills on May 8 who looked an awful lot like his famous ex-girlfriend, Kylie Jenner! Tyga and his pretty mystery companion were spotted shopping on Rodeo Drive, visiting some high-end stores like XIV Karats, Ltd, and Burberry. Tyga’s friend, whose name is unknown at this point, is a dead ringer for Tyga’s ex. Kylie changes up her hair often, but the woman’s flowing brown hair matches Kylie’s natural ‘do. They have similar facial structures, and even share the same sense of style. She was wearing camouflage joggers, sneakers, and a sports bra as a top — a Kylie staple.

Tyga tends to gravitate toward Kylie clones, even two years after their famous breakup. Most recently, Tyga was connected to Australian model Tammy Hembrow, who also resembles Kylie. From the oversized lips, to the bone structure, to the perfect contouring, and even the clothes, Tammy looks a lot like Kylie when she was blonde. She even shares a connection to Kylie outside of reportedly dating her ex. Tammy is the model who was taken away in an ambulance from Kylie’s 21st birthday party after passing out! After the incident, all of the KarJenners, save for Khloe Kardashian unfollowed her on social media. Awkward.

Not all women that Tyga connects with look like Kylie, though. Tyga was linked to Iggy Azalea in summer 2018. And Lindsay Lohan, of all people, tried to shoot her shot with him on Instagram. That didn’t pan out, unfortunately, but can you imagine?

Tyga Kylie Jenner Look Alike

To see pics of all the Kylie look-alikes Tyga has dated or hung out with, scroll through our gallery above. It’s seriously going to stun you!

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