‘Grey’s Anatomy’s Alex Landi: Why It’ll Be ‘Interesting’ To See If Levi & Nico Can Survive Their Fight

Levi and Nico looked to be on the brink of a major split when the latest episode of 'Grey's Anatomy' came to a close on April 18, and now, Alex Landi is spilling on what's to come.

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Image Credit: John Fleenor/ABC

Alex Landi confirmed to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that the April 18 installment of Grey’s Anatomy was “a very big episode” for his character, Nico, and Nico’s love interest, Levi (Jake Borelli). And during his exclusive interview with us, he teased what’s to come for both Nico and Levi. “Up until this episode, Nico was obviously the very overconfident, slightly arrogant, thinks he’s the best doctor in the hospital type of vibe. I think this tragedy where he kills someone for the first time … He’s never killed a patient before. This is his first time. I think it kind of brings him … It grounds him pretty much. It brings him back to earth. He realizes he’s not invincible. He realizes he made a mistake. Nobody’s perfect. He realizes that, and now it’s all about the aftermath of how he copes with this tragedy, and seeing the people around him go through this. We’ll see. We’ll see if Levi and Nico can bounce back. It’ll be interesting for the fans to see. ”

And while things don’t look good for Levi and Nico right now — Alex “hopes their relationship succeeds.” He told us, “I wish them nothing but the best. It’ll be interesting to see in the coming episodes how Levi and Nico get around this sort of tragedy. Everyone deals with tragedies in different ways. Everyone grieves in different ways, so it’ll definitely be interesting.

Fans also saw Nico applying for another job in San Francisco, so of course, everyone’s worried, but Alex has no idea whether or not his character will be written out of the show. “I’m in the dark just like all you guys,” he said. Either way, the death of Nico’s patient is definitely going to affect him moving forward. “It’s definitely going to bring him back down to earth. He’s going to realize … You guys, the fans, should look forward to seeing a more sentimental, more emotional side of Nico, rather than just the pompous Mr. Know It All doctor that they’ve been used to seeing from episode 1 to 22. It’ll be interesting to see a different side of him,” he explained.

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