Chris Brown & Beyonce Fans At War Over Who’s The Better Performer After Her Coachella Doc Airs

Chris Brown is better than…Beyonce? After Bey’s ‘Homecoming’ doc dropped, some fans argued that she couldn’t hold a candle to Breezy, while the Beyhive said CB fans were ‘out of their minds.’

When Beyonce, 37, released her Netflix documentary, Homecoming, on April 17, the Internet fell in love with “Beychella” over again. The doc – and subsequent live album – detailed the work that went into her 2018 Coachella performance, one that celebrated the historically black college and university (HBCU) experience. To say that fans went wild over it would be an understatement, as the Internet seemed like it was going to break from all the praise fans were giving Beyonce. Yet, amid all the buzzing by the Beyhive, some detractors argued that while Beyonce was good, she wasn’t as good as….Chris Brown. “Until the day Beyonce does this on stage never in your life compare her to Breezy,” a Twitter user said while sharing a video of Chris…doing a flip.

Call it an act of master trolling or someone legitimately thinking Chris Brown’s backflip topped Beyonce’s body of work, but this statement sent fans into a frenzy online. Chris’s defenders argued that he’s a “naturally talented dancer that can freestyle his ass off on the spot,” while Beyonce is “a choreographed dancer.” The Beyhive, suffice to say, say it differently. “Y’all need to be arrested. Y’all saying Chris Brown is a better performer than Beyoncé because he does a front flip like that’s y’all only argument,” one said. “Chris Brown stans think one front flip is what puts him ahead of Beyoncé as a performer lmaoooo.”

“Putting Chris Brown and Beyonce in the same sentence is an insult. Chris is a good performer, not great. His music hasn’t evolved in years. Bey has reinvented herself and remains consistent her prime has yet to end. Bey is a philanthropist, Chris is just problematic. Relax,” @MsJazzybell wrote. “Imagine saying Chris Brown is a better performer than Beyoncé because of backflip,” @TheIgboWolf tweeted. “A woman can be the best of the game and still be compared to the basic of men. Same reason yall one compare Nicki to mumble rapper.”

While fans can argue who’s better – Chris or Beyonce – until they’re blue in the face, there’s one thing she’s done that Breezy will never: bouncing back from giving birth to twins. In the Homecoming doc, Beyonce revealed she weighed 218 pounds while carrying Sir and Rumi Carter. 10 months after giving birth, she hit the stage at Coachella as the first black woman to ever headline the event. Your turn, Chris.

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