Sara Gilbert: How She Really Feels About Roseanne Barr Accusing Her Of Killing Her Career

Sara Gilbert didn't miss Roseanne Barr's snub in 'The Washington Post,' where the former sitcom star accused her TV daughter of destroying her 'life' and their old sitcom. Here's how she'll address the accusation.

Sara Gilbert Reacts Roseanne Barr
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Sara Gilbert, 44, received both good and bad news on consecutive days. Bad news first — her former co-star and TV mom, Roseanne Barr, 66, told The Washington Post in an interview published on March 21, “[Sara] destroyed the show and my life with that tweet.” In that aforementioned tweet, Sara condemned Roseanne’s own tweet about Valerie Jarrett as “abhorrent,” because it compared former President Barack Obama’s former adviser to the “planet of the apes” on May 29, 2018. “Sara is actually in a mix of being sad and not caring what Roseanne has to say anymore,” a source close to Sara EXCLUSIVELY tells HollywoodLife. And the actress has good reason not to care, asides from the fact that it was Roseanne’s own poor choice of words that made ABC nix her sitcom.

“Sara is excited [The Conners] is continuing and will be renewed for another season,” our source continues. A day after Roseanne’s accusation against her longtime castmate made headlines, ABC announced that Roseanne’s spin-off series, The Conners, is being renewed for a second season. In light of the relieving news, which broke on March 22, Sara wants to keep the positive mood going and not clapback at Roseanne.

“[Sara] is trying to remember Roseanne for all the good times they had together instead of what has transpired in the last year or so,” our source explains. The two actresses shared a decade of screen time together, as they played the mother-daughter duo Roseanne Conner and Darlene Conner from 1988 to 1997, as well in 2018 for the revival show’s temporary run. But that doesn’t mean Sara plans to hold her tongue forever.

“Sara knows if she responds to the recent comments then it will give Roseanne more ammo to continue ranting, so she is figuring out the best way to bring it up. Most likely on The Talk to give her say on the entire ordeal,” our source reveals. But the actress, who also starred on The Big Bang Theory, isn’t exactly excited at the thought of having to speak on the issue at all. “It’s just all very sad and Sara wants to be more above it all then to swim in the mess Roseanne is creating,” our source tells HollywoodLife. “Sara wants to avoid the games and rise above it all so she is going to let it breath over the weekend, and then respond accordingly.”

If Sara doesn’t want to pick a fight, she’s choosing the best course of action. Roseanne hasn’t been afraid to call out her co-stars in their Twitter mentions. After Sara slammed the former sitcom star’s tweet about Obama’s former aide, Roseanne had replied in May 2018, “Wow! unreal.”

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