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Jeremy Meeks & Chloe Green Split Not Good Idea: His Criminal Past Could Lead To Custody Issues — Lawyer

Being the Hot Felon may not work out in Jeremy Meeks' favor if he and Chloe Green split. A family law attorney explains how his past incarceration could affect a custody agreement with his (ex?) fiancée.

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Jeremy Meeks & Chloe Green
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Jeremy Meeks‘ criminal past could be catching up with him again. After his reported split with fiancée Chloe Green, 27, there’s the looming matter of custody and child support of their six-month-old son, Jayden Meeks-Green. People tend to forget that “Hot Felon” wasn’t just a nickname. Before becoming a model and a media sensation, he served two years in prison for robbery and corporal injury to a child. He also admitted to being a member of the notorious Crips gang in Los Angeles, where he is from. California family law attorney David T. Pisarra tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY what this could mean for Jeremy, 35, and Chloe’s eventual custody arrangement.

“That’s not really going to impact things too much,” Pisarra explained. “However, according to his Wikipedia page, he assaulted a 16-year-old boy when he was 18 and was charged with corporal injury to a child. And he took a plea on that. That could impact visitation and custody, probably more so in the UK than here [in California].” Chloe is British and Jeremy is American, meaning that they would have to deal with custody and child support proceedings in two different countries if it came down to it. He currently lives in the UK with Chloe and their son. Should he move back to the states for modeling work, “we’re going to have an issue,” Pisarra said.

“If Jeremy wants to see his child, he will have to travel to England to see his son,” he explained. “Jayden will be too young to travel back and forth for visitation. Jeremy would have to petition to an English court for visitation which would be held in the UK. But as the child grows and develops, he’s able to come to the states as they bond more, but that won’t happen until he’s around five, six, or seven years old.” Because of this, Pisarra said it’s possible Jeremy could only see Jayden 5% of the time, “which is probably realistic because they’re bi-continental.”

He may have an easier time with child support, though, because of his and Chloe’s income disparity. Chloe is the daughter of billionaire businessman Phillip Green, who chairs the company that runs TopShop and other British retail stores. Jeremy makes good money (he claims $6000 a month), but not compared to that. Going off that, he believes that Jeremy would have to pay Chloe 15% of his gross income — $3500 a month. 

This is all hypothetical, of course. Rumors swirled that Jeremy and Chloe split after she was seen not wearing her engagement ring — while she was in the UK and Jeremy was in Los Angeles. They reportedly had a major blowout that ended in tears while in Dubai on February 19. Jeremy, though, told paparazzi while shopping in Beverly Hills, “of course we’re still together” on February 27. “Jeremy and Chloe may not be done for good, but he sure looks like he is single. He was having fun around town, chatting with other women and looked happy to be out alone,” and eyewitness who saw Jeremy in LA told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY.