Jeremy Meeks Denies Split From Chloe Green After Being Spotted In LA Without Her All Weekend

After an alleged tear-filled fight in Dubai with fiancée Chloe Green, Jeremy Meeks has been seen out in L.A. minus the heiress. He claims they're still together and we've got details on what he's been up to.

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Jeremy Meeks And Chloe Green
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Things haven’t been looking so good for “Hot Felon” Jeremy Meeks and his fiancée, TopShop heiress Chloe Green. They reportedly had a tear-filled blowout fight February 19 at a club in Dubai, where Jeremy left his baby mama and jetted off to Los Angeles. Despite the fact that she’s still in Europe — and posting Instagram pics without her giant diamond “engagement” ring — the 35-year-old model says they’re still a couple. On Feb. 27 he was jewelry shopping at XIV Karats in Beverly Hills with his half-sister Carmella Jesus when paparazzi asked if he was still with Chloe. “Of course we’re still together,” he confidently replied. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE VIDEO.

So what has Jeremy been up to while his 27-year-old baby mama is reportedly holed up at her home in Monaco? “Jeremy is still in LA and staying at a five star hotel in Beverly Hills without any sign of Chloe. He was out all Oscar weekend without her and she’s been out without her ring on, it’s not looking good for them,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY. He reportedly tried to get in to JAY-Z and Beyonce‘s A-list post-Oscars party on Feb. 24 but was turned away.

“Jeremy and Chloe may not be done for good, but he sure looks like he is single. He was having fun around town, chatting with other women and looked happy to be out alone,” an eyewitness tells us EXCLUSIVELY. It’s an odd time for Jeremy to be away, as Chloe’s 28th birthday is coming up on Sat. March 2 and days before they’re still an ocean apart. Maybe he was buying her a blingy birthday gift on his trip to XIV Karats today?

“The unlikely couple — a hot California felon and the daughter of a British billionaire — struck up a romance after meeting in Cannes in May of 2017, despite Jeremy being married at the time. He quickly split from wife Melissa to be with Chloe full time and happily lived her jet set life style.The couple welcomed son Jayden Meeks-Green on May 29, 2018 and that July, Chloe was photographed wearing a giant diamond engagement ring on that finger. Hopefully their fight is just a bump in the road, but it will be telling to see if Jeremy and Chloe are back with each other this weekend for her birthday celebrations.