Kylie Jenner ‘Reeling’ Over BFF Jordyn Woods Allegedly Cheating With Tristan Thompson: Family Reacts

The Kardashian family is reportedly 'writing' off Jordyn Woods for allegedly cheating with Tristan Thompson, but Kylie Jenner is wondering if she can do the same to her BFF.

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Kylie Jenner, 21, is in quite the pickle. The Kylie Cosmetics CEO’s best friend Jordyn Woods, 21, who reportedly lives in her guest house, was just accused of cheating with her older sister’s (ex) boyfriend and baby daddy Tristan Thompson, 27, which TMZ and Hollywood Unlocked claimed on Feb. 19. Kylie is reportedly “reeling” over the unfortunate conflict of interest, and was “in denial for days,” a source told E! News. While “the whole family is writing Jordyn off,” the source added, Kylie herself “is very torn on how to handle the situation.” And understandably so — Kylie and Jordyn have been inseparable for years, and the two were even hanging out the night before news broke of Tristan and Jordyn’s alleged scandal!

Khloe Kardashian, 34, is in “disbelief” like her little sister, but is “more disappointed that someone so close to their family would betray her…She can’t believe it,” E News’ source added. Supposedly, a mutual friend clued Khloe in on Jordyn and Tristan’s alleged PDA that went down during a night of partying on Feb. 17, the insider claimed. More details were provided about the alleged “tryst,” as the two were allegedly “very flirty” while “hanging with “a group of mutual friends” to see Drake and his entourage,” but got “touchy” when the fun continued into an after party at Tristan’s house. The pair, who were said to have “chemistry” throughout the night, “sat together on the couch and were talking and cuddling for hours” into the early morning, the insider claimed. HollywoodLife has reached out to Kylie, Jordyn, Khloe and Tristan’s reps for comment, but did not hear back by the time of publication.

Khloe “heard [the rumors] from multiple people and doesn’t believe [Tristan] for a second,” another source told E! News, as the report alleged that Khloe confronted Tristan about his rumored infidelity and he “tried to deny” it. While the second insider claimed that Khloe’s “done” with the Cleveland Cavaliers player, who was already at the center of a cheating scandal in April 2018, the alleged betrayal with Jordyn is new. Just two days ago, Khloe affectionately called Jordyn “baby girl” underneath her Instagram post! “[Khloe] is angry more than she is sad. And she’s shocked Jordyn would do this,” the second insider continued. “Of all the guys in the world, she can’t fathom why Jordyn would make a decision like this. Khloe is reliving the worst kind of betrayal and pain all over again.”

Kylie and Jordyn have yet to break their silence on the matter. Tristan presumably denied the cheating report, as he tweeted “FAKE NEWS” but deleted the post on Tuesday. Khloe hasn’t taken down her comment! After Hollywood Unlocked’s CEO said in a video that one of his writers saw Jordyn and Tristan “messing around” at the party, Khloe commented with some very telling emojis: “🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️.” Her friends Malika Haqq and Larsa Pippen backed her up with their own comments (“STRONG FACTS” and “Amen”). Malika especially came after Jordyn, as she wrote underneath a meme directed at Jordyn, “These hoes ain’t loyal.” But will Kylie stay loyal to Jordyn amid this fiasco?