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JWoww Will Fight Roger Mathews Hard To Keep Custody Of Her Kids In Divorce Battle

After Roger Mathews allegedly requested for primary physical custody of his and JWoww's two kids, we learned that his estranged wife 'will never just give up custody of her children.' Here's her plan.

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JWoww Fighting Roger Mathews Custody
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The custody battle between Jenni “JWoww” Farley, 32, and estranged husband Roger Mathews, 43, just escalated. After Jenni requested primary physical custody in her divorce petition from Sept. 2018, Roger came back with the same request (in addition to asking for joint legal custody) in his own divorce documents that The Blast obtained on Jan. 24! If either’s request for primary physical custody is granted, that means their two children Meilani, 4, and Greyson, 2, will spend a majority of their time with only one parent — an outcome that Jenni hopes lands in her favor. “Jenni is going to continue to live her life as the amazing and strong mother that she is, despite Roger continuing to slam her,” a source EXCLUSIVELY tells HollywoodLife. “She will never just give up custody of her children.”

The Jersey Shore star believes she’s “the most fit parent” for custody because she’s “extremely involved in Greyson’s treatment,” our source explains. “Jenni gets extremely frustrated that Roger is essentially in denial when it comes to Greyson, who is doing amazing.” Jenni revealed Greyson’s autism diagnosis to HL in Nov. 2018, and recently accused Roger for allegedly ignoring their toddler’s “critical medical needs” in an open letter addressed to her ex on Jan. 30. In the lengthy message, Jenni claimed that Roger “insisted that Greyson didn’t need help” while she sought out professionals, and that he once allegedly didn’t let a therapist into the home for Greyson’s scheduled appointment. The message also included accusations of abuse and an affair.

Now, with Roger’s recent divorce documents, “Jenni feels this latest move by Roger is just to spite her and isn’t in the children’s best interest,” our source continues. The documents not only include custody requests, but also allegedly ask for monthly child support and alimony from Jenni, according to The Blast. To top that off, Roger reportedly asked the judge to find his and Jenni’s prenup “invalid and unenforceable.” Yikes. But Jenni’s not backing down.

“She fully intends to fight tooth and nail to do what’s best for their children,” our source adds. The MTV star never wished for this drama, though. “Jenni hates how dirty and messy things have gotten, but she is so sick and tired of Roger slamming her for no reason,” our source explains. “She does everything for her children and puts them above anything else and will continue to do so. She’s going to continue focusing on herself, her business endeavors and most importantly her children and that includes doing what’s best for them.” Roger’s rep told HL, “We do not have a comment on this manner. The issues between Jennifer and Roger will be resolved in Court.”