‘Love & Marriage: Huntsville’: LaTisha Brings Up Martell’s Cheating At His Anniversary Dinner

In this EXCLUSIVE preview of the new episode of ‘LAMH’, LaTisha points out the elephant in the room at Martell and Melody’s wedding anniversary dinner – his infidelity. Awkward!

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What are the things that you should not mention at someone’s 10-year anniversary celebration? Hmm, maybe the husband’s affair? In the Feb. 2 episode of OWN’s unscripted series Love & Marriage: Huntsville, LaTisha Scott does just that by asking Martell and Melody Holt how they overcame Martell’s infidelity. She does so over dinner in front of her own husband Marsau, her brother-in-law Maurice Scott and future sister-in-law Kimmi Grant.

“Marsau and I, we were having a discussion and we were like…in the beginning of our marriage we had a hard time and we stayed together, mainly for the kids,” LaTisha says, turning to Martell, 37. “And we think that, in every marriage, there’s [sic] gonna be trials and tribulations that’s gonna come up to test your relationship. I just discussed one of the biggest problems in our relationship that we had. Mel and Martell, we’re here to celebrate you two and y’all love and you guys have overcome some things in your relationship.” That’s when LaTisha goes for the jugular and says, “One of the things is infidelity…”

Cue awkward pause and uncomfortable silence. Martell looks furious, but LaTisha persists and asks, “How did you guys overcome that to make you were you are today? Because, you’re… stronger right now, so…” LaTisha genuinely seems oblivious to the fact that she just lobbed a grenade into the middle of the room. Martell, however, is fully aware of what she did. Later on, in a confessional, he lets his anger out. “OK, what the hell is she talking about?” he fumes. “Who want [sic] to be reminded on a 10th anniversary about infidelity?” (Umm, no one?!)

Love & Marriage Huntsville LaTisha Martell cheating
Martell and Melody Holt have experienced problems in their marriage after he cheated on her. (Courtesy of OWN)

At the actual dinner, 33-year-old Melody – who has been very outspoken about the issue of cheating in front of the whole group in the past – answers the question and tackles it full on. “I think overcoming something as major as infidelity in any relationship is working on building that trust back, because when trust is broken, it’s broken, right?” she says in response.

In yet another confessional, LaTisha’s brother-in-law Maurice states the obvious by saying, “Yeah, I think this was not a good idea.” You can see what happens during the rest of the dinner – and the full episode – on Saturday Feb. 2 on OWN at 10 p.m. Eastern (9 p.m. Central).