Halle Berry’s Diet & Fitness Secrets Secrets Revealed: How She Maintains Her Youthful Glow At 52

Halle Berry may be 52, but she looks just like she did in her Catwoman days 15 years ago. So how does she do it? A source close to the actress opened up EXCLUSIVELY to HL.

halle berry diet fitness tips
Image Credit: @halleberry/Instagram

Halle Berry, 52, has been showing off her toned tummy for decades, so it isn’t surprising to see the mother of two slay in a new selfie like the one she posted on Dec. 30. In the sultry pic, Halle was posing in front of a mirror in a black dress with sheer polka dot sleeves, looking half her age. So what are her diet and fitness secrets for always looking like she’s had a drink from the Fountain of Youth? For starters, “Halle firmly believes exercise is the key to everything, including a youthful, glowing complexion — because, if you feel good then you look good,” a source close to the actress told Hollywoodlife.com EXCLUSIVELY.

Because of that, “Halle follows a cardio heavy workout routine, and she believes increasing the blood flow and getting the circulation moving stimulates cell renewal and helps promote a glowing complexion.” But just exercising isn’t enough! “She also follows the Keto diet, avoiding all processed foods and sugar, and eating healthy fats like avocados, coconut oil and eggs, in addition to a ton of protein, fruit and veggies,” the insider added. “Halle drinks a ton of water too, all throughout the day to flush her system out, and likes to start off in the morning with a warm glass of water with fresh lemon in it.”

So that’s reportedly how Halle keeps her body in such stellar shape — but while increased blood flow may be helping her youthful complexion, what other skincare secrets is she hiding?

“Halle swears by her skincare regime,” the source said. “She religiously cleanses, tones and moisturizes her face twice a day, and always uses Kinara products. And she never leaves the house without factor 15 suncream on to block out any harmful rays.” That’s a biggie!

Hollywoodlife.com has reached out to Halle Berry’s rep for comment.

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