Blac Chyna Mocked After She Reveals She’s Getting More Plastic Surgery In 2019: Fans Ask ‘What’s Left?’ To Fix

Blac Chyna has new body goals for 2019 and is getting it done the Hollywood way...via plastic surgery! She's getting trolled for her announcement asking fans to guess what body part she's having worked on.

Image Credit: Courtesy of Instagram

Who needs a healthy diet, exercise and discipline when there’s so many plastic surgeons in LA who can make any body part perfect? Blac Chyna is getting hammered by fans after she posed with her plastic surgeon and bragged about getting new work done. The mother of two took to Instagram on Dec. 16 and posed alongside her Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Emil Kohan in front of his office door to announce she’s going under the knife. “Getting ready for 2019 🤑 Thank you so much @dremilkohan≥ Can u guess What I’m getting done next?” she captioned the pic.

The 30-year-old showed off her already fab figure in skin-tight black workout leggings and a matching long-sleeved crop top. Her stomach is impossibly flat and waist is so tiny in the photo that it seems like there’s no way she’d need work done there. She posed at a side angle so her massive booty was on display, thus it doesn’t look like she needs a butt enhancement. Fans roundly mocked the post and most didn’t even play along with her guessing game, just trolling her instead.

“Whatever it is, you must be getting for free since you had to make an announcement for them!!” one fan noted, as she tagged the doc in her pic in addition to posing next to him in from of his swank offices. Another told her she needs to stop getting procedures done by adding, “Who told you weren’t beautiful.? You need to stop this.”

Some comments were just plain mean with one person writing “A new brain it would help lol,” and another added “Your brain, it needs reconstruction.” So many people guessed her brain or a lobotomy that it became over the top hilarious. “Brain transplant?” was another popular guess.

Some wondered if she was getting a butt lift while others noted that she appears to have already had so much work done there’s not much left over to fix. “What else can u change? Whats left?” one fan asked while another said “Well pretty sure there ain’t nothing left…but ima say toenail implants??” The comments were so brutal yet fans had so many laughs at the answers people came up with. “Never have I had this much fun reading comments” one person wrote while another fan added, “These comments have me ROLLING! she set herself up for this one.”

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