Melania Trump Mocked After Debuting Blonder Hairdo: She’s ‘Grabbed Donald’s’ Hair Dye

Forget ‘MAGA.’ It’s time to ‘Make Melania Trump’s Hair Great Again,’ as the First Lady debuted a blonde makeover that had people thinking she was slowly turning into her hubby, Donald Trump!

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What did you do to yourself, Melania Trump? The 48-year-old First Lady and wife of President Donald Trump, 72, unveiled a new blonde hairstyle during an interview with Fox News’s Sean Hannity. While sitting on aboard the USSS George H. W. Bush after meeting some U.S. Troops, per E! News, she fielded questions from one of the White House’s favorite reporters, but what viewers wanted the scoop on was how did she end up with that new hairstyle? Some had theories.

“Looks like #Melania #Trump grabbed #Donald’s bottle of hair dye,” @madamyez tweeted, including an unflattering shot of the First Lady. It was a running gag. “I think Melania mixed up her hair dye with Donald.” “Melania has evidently dyed her hair to match her husband’s.” “Ivanka’s hair looks ghastly on Melania.” “Who is this rough looking imposter? Surely not melania trying in her latter years to bleach her hair like Ivanka. Sad.”

“If @FLOTUS has taught us one thing, it’s ALWAYS be nice to your hair stylist,” joked user @vivalakitch “Someone tell Melania “Einstein Visa” Trump that you wait until AFTER you are in the witness protection program to bleach your hair. You #BeBest buying some cream rinse,” @Connerish said, bringing up Melania’s anti-bullying campaign in a tweet that…bullied her. Other users were actually concerned for the First Lady’s health.

“Let’s not be so quick to make comments about Melania’s hair. Given the many changes in hair color/style in such a short amount of time, I wonder if FLOTUS is wearing a hairpiece? If so, I hope she is doing okay health wise and there is no reason for alarm,” @Jessica_Corner, bringing up how Melania had kidney surgery in March 2018 and was out of the public eye for a few weeks afterward.

During the first half of her two-night interview with Hannity, Melania focused not on her hair and more on the “chemistry” she has with her husband. She disputed the media reports that the couple is having problems. “They like to focus on the gossip, and I would like that they focus on the substance not just about nonsense.”

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