‘The Challenge’ Reunion: Ashley Reveals She & Bananas Hooked Up — Plus, More Bombshell Moments

Shade was thrown, secret hookups were revealed and screaming matches ensued during part one of 'The Challenge: Final Reckoning' reunion. Here are the wildest things that went down!

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So much went down on this season of The Challenge: Final Reckoning, that the reunion had to be split into TWO parts! Part one aired on Nov. 27, and featured the question everyone has been wondering about: Where do Ashley and Hunter stand after she stole all the money from him? Plus, updates on some of the hookups from this season, along with more drama between Johnny Bananas and Devin, Cory and Tony and more. Here are the wildest things that went down:

Ashley accuses Hunter of being racist & more: Ashley shocked everyone when she kept the $1 million prize for herself during last week’s finale…including her partner, Hunter, who was left with NOTHING. “I feel disappointed in myself because I should have seen that coming,” he admitted during the reunion. “And I didn’t. At no point in any time would I have taken the money for myself. I’m just not that kind of person. We went through hell together. She was hell the entire show. She made me miserable. Everyone in this cast f***ing knows that the only reason [she] won is because of me.”

Eventually, Hunter went on enough to set Ashley off, and she bolted out of her seat to begin a rant of her own. “After I hooked up with Derrick H. after Dirty 30, what did you tell me?” she screamed at Hunter. “[You said], ‘I’ll never hook up with you again because you f***ed a black guy! Tell the f***ing truth!”

Those accusations didn’t really get taken any further, but host Dolph Ziggler did delve deeper into the reason Ashley stole the money — because Hunter slut shamed her and threatened her family earlier this season. For this, Hunter was able to apologize. “I regret what I said because it’s just not who I am,” he admitted. “But also, I learned from it. I learned that you spend your whole life building your character and it takes ten seconds to ruin it on national television. I’ve said I’m sorry. I’ve said I’m sorry for saying that.”

Hunter vs. Amanda: In the end, Hunter said he forgives Ashley for what she did, but one person he isn’t cool with these days is Ashley’s BFF and fellow Lavender Lady, Amanda. During a commercial break, Amanda revealed that Hunter told her he was going to be “coming” for her on future challenges, and he explained that it was because Amanda defended Ashley stealing the money from him. “Amanda was the closest girl friend I had,” Hunter said. “So for her to cosign with [Ashley]….”

Amanda tried to defend herself, by reiterating that she told Ashley she should have split the money, but insisted, “I can’t control what she does.” By the end of the conversation, these former pals didn’t resolve much.

Ashley & Bananas’ secret hookup: As Ashley and Hunter were getting their digs in at one another, Johnny Bananas, naturally, took it upon himself to get involved. “What universe is your hair weave from, Ashley?” he joked at one point. Well, she had a quick retort, and fired back, “Probably the same universe where you made out with me in that hair weave!” Bananas tried to play it cool and claim there was no makeout, but rather, Ashley “tried to eat [my] face.” Once again, though, she had a shady response: “And I saw the baby d***!” she joked.

Kayleigh vs. Nelson — and Nelson’s new chick(s): On the show, Kayleigh and Nelson were an item, but when she skyped in from the UK, she made it clear that was no longer the case. “Isn’t he bending over Angela right now?” she asked. Yup, it’s true…Nelson has moved on from Kayleigh and is now with Johnny Bananas’ Final Reckoning hookup!

“Nothing happened on The Challenge between Angela and I,” Nelson insisted. “But we had a connection after that. Yes, if anyone wants to know — I’m talking to Angela. That’s a yes. Kayleigh and I called it quits. We closed that book in London when I came across to be on Ex on the Beach to tell her I’m still in love with her and she denied me.” Well, Kayleigh had a different story to tell. “The book got closed because he was sending d*** pictures from my bedroom to a girl in New York!” she claimed.

Nelson tried to play it off like he and Kayleigh weren’t actually together when that all went down, but she fired back, “You told me you wanted to move to London, you wanted a family with me, you wanted kids, you wanted marriage, and you were looking for apartments.” To that, all Nelson could say was, “I did say those things. But her and I were not officially together.” Needless to say, these two are DEFINITELY on the outs!

Natalie calls out Kayleigh: The vendetta between Kayleigh and Natalie was intensified on Final Reckoning, as the show was filmed after Kayleigh outed Natalie’s sexuality on social media. At the reunion, Kayleigh stood by the fact that she didn’t feel she did anything wrong, because she thought it was something everyone knew anyway.

“I’m not a lesbian,” Natalie explained. “I’m bisexual. So by calling me a lesbian, you’re saying I didn’t have feelings for Johnny [on Vendettas]. And I truly did have feelings for Johnny, which is embarrassing to say right now, but that humiliated me. I never went to you and was like — listen, I’m a lesbian! I never said that in the house. You shouldn’t have gone on a public forum to do that. Do you know how many kids commit suicide every year for being outed? You don’t do that!” Kayleigh still refused to apologize to Natalie, and this feud lives on.

Pastagate gets no resolution: One of the most shocking moments of this season was when Cory body-slammed Tony to the ground just because Tony threw his pasta out the window. At the reunion, Cory insisted that he’s sorry for what went down, and apologized to his partner, Devin, for getting them sent home because of the fight. However, he wasn’t letting Tony off the hook completely. “It was more of a respect thing,” he explained. “I thought Tony just maybe had more respect for me than to grab my food, throw it out the window, and then laugh about it. I didn’t think he was joking. At the end of the day, it was a bad decision. If I could take it back, I would.”

For his part, Tony admitted that he thought he was “cooler” with Cory before this incident happened, and he said he’s disappointed that Cory has shown a “lack of remorse” about everything. “You know what you were doing, Tony,” Cory told him. “You know how to get under people’s skin. You kept poking the lion and you finally got slammed.” To that, Tony responded, “That’s what I mean about lack of remorse. You can’t justify what you did!” The guys went back and forth for a bit, and although there doesn’t seem to be any major ill will, it’s clear that these two aren’t the best of friends.

Devin & Bananas’ feud intensifies: Devin and Bananas hurled insult after insult at each other during the reunion, and at the end of the show, it was time to rehash their Final Reckoning fight. On the show, Bananas threw a low blow at Devin by telling him he shouldn’t have come on The Challenge after his dad just died, and Johnny stood by his full statement during the reunion.

“What I said, which is what I meant, is…Devin, you are mentally not in the f***ing place to be in this house,” Johnny explained. “Your father just died and you should be at home with your family, mourning his loss — not in this environment. And he would be embarrassed at the way you’re acting right now. And yes, I hope the apple fell far from th tree because you’re a piece of s***.”

Once again, Devin didn’t take too kindly to this. “Keep his name out of your dirty f***ing mouth,” he said, at which point he got up from his seat and made his way over to Johnny. The reunion ended with Devin getting in Bananas’ face, and we’ll have to see how it plays out next week!

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