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Quincy Brown: 5 Things To Know About The Son Of The Late Kim Porter

Quincy Brown mourned the loss of his late mom Kim Porter on Instagram, admitting that he was 'broken.' Here's everything you need to know about the grieving actor & singer.

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Quincy Brown
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Taking to Instagram, Quincy Brown, the son of Kim Porter, mourned his mother, who passed away recently due to complications from the flu, writing, “I am broken…& the only thing that makes sense right now is that you were way too good for this silly world we live in. I love you so much MOMMY. Please give Mee-Maw the biggest hug and kiss for me. ♥️💔♥️”. As we remember Kim, here are five facts to know about her talented son.

1. He’s the son of Kim Porter and Al B. Sure! However, after Diddy began a relationship with Kim when he was 4 and after his parents separated, Quincy was later adopted by the rapper.

2. He’s an accomplished actor. In addition to his roles in five films, he’s also appeared in CSI, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and Wild ‘N Out. Quincy now stars on the hit Fox show Star, playing the part of Derek Jones.

3. He’s a talented singer and songwriter. The list of his singles include “Stay Awhile”, “The First Thing” “Friends First”, “Exotic”, “Record Straight”, “Blue Dot” and “Snuggle Up”. Back in 2014, he signed with labels Bad Boy and Epic Records

4. He’s started his own production company. Quincy’s brainchild, FourXample produces “Friends First”, which also features French Montana.

5. He’s a fashion entrepreneur. Not only has he created a line of watches for Chalk, he’s also spearheaded his own jean collection for Embellish. We’ll keep you posted with all of the latest news about Quincy.