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‘Are You The One?’ Finale: Perfect Matches Revealed — Did Season 7 Win $1 Million?

The 11 perfect matches from season 7 of 'Are You The One?' were revealed during the Nov. 7 finale -- but did the cast get them all right and win $1 million? Here's a full recap!

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The season 7 finale of Are You The One? picked up where last week’s episode left off…with Nutsa and Brett in the Truth Booth, ready to find out whether or not they’re a perfect match. It turned out Nutsa was right to play with her heart all along….because it was a PERFECT MATCH! That meant the group was going into the final match up ceremony with three perfect matches: Brett/Nutsa, Shamoy/Maria and Kenya/Tevin. Now, it was up to the other 16 contestants to find their perfect matches to see if they could win $1 million.

Samantha was convinced that Daniel was her perfect match, but after the group strategically looked back on all the past match up ceremonies, it just didn’t seem like that was the case. The rest of the house was certain that Samantha’s perfect match was actually Lewis, and she was left to wonder if she should play with her heart or her head. Everyone was on the edge of their seats waiting to find out what Samantha would do, as the girls were making the final choices at the match up ceremony.

Cali went first and chose Andrew, followed by Kayla picking Moe and Morgan choosing Zak. Samantha was up next, and she contemplated who she should pick for quite a bit of time, before ultimately deciding to keep the house happy and picking Lewis. Jasmine went next and chose Daniel, followed by Lauren, who picked Kwasi. Then, Asia picked Tomas and Bria chose Cam to close things out.

And…..they did it! Luckily, Sam went with her head when making her choice, and the cast found all 11 perfect matches, allowing them to leave the game with love AND money. This season, though, the group was able to spend one more night in the house after the match up ceremony, and we got a chance to see how things played out between some of the couples.

Samantha and Daniel decided they didn’t care about the matchmakers’ decision, and decided to stay together as a couple anyway, while Asia and Lewis also hooked up. Meanwhile, Zak apologized to Morgan for how poorly he treated her all season, but she wasn’t buying it, and it definitely did not seem like they left on good terms.

We’ll have to see where this all stands months later when the reunion show airs next Wednesday, Nov. 14, on MTV — it’s sure to get pretty wild!