Hilary Williams: 5 Things To Know About The Rising Country Star

Get ready, country music fans -- Hilary Williams is about to take the music world by storm. The rising star has deep roots in the industry, and now, she's breaking out on her own. Here's everything to know!

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hilary williams
Image Credit: Courtesy of Jim Wright

Earlier this year, Hilary Williams released her debut album, My Lucky Stars, and her career has been taking off ever since! Hilary co-wrote nearly every song on the album, and has been promoting it with live shows since its release in May. It’s no surprise that Hilary is finding success as an  artist, as she has some very famous family members who’ve made names for themselves as country music artists. Find out all about that and more right here:

1. You’ll definitely recognize her father and grandfather! Hilary’s grandfather is country music legend, Hank Williams, while her dad is none-other than Hank Williams Jr. Both men are iconic in the world of country music, and Hilary has clearly inherited their talent! Meanwhile, Hilary’s sister, Holly, is also a recording artist, so it obviously runs in the family!

2. She was the victim of a horrific car crash in 2006. My Lucky Scars was inspired by a near-fatal car crash that Hilary and Holly were involved in in 2006. The women were driving from Nashville to Louisiana, where they were meant to attend their grandfather’s funeral. Hilary looked down to change the song on her iPod, and hit a rut on the highway in Mississippi. The car flipped four times, but with help from EMTs and others who stopped to help, the ladies were able to escape the car. Hilary lost several pints of blood, though, and stopped breathing more than once after the accident. She had to have 30 surgeries throughout her recovery.

3. She has Type 1 Diabetes: Hilary has been living with Diabetes for 31 years. The disease nearly caused her to die once again during her first week of accident recovery, as her blood sugar hit dangerous levels.

4. She’s a college graduate. Hilary has a degree in Fashion Merchandising from Atlanta’s Bauder College. She uses the experience to help style her friends, as a side project to her music career.

5. She’s BFFs with another famous country singer! Hilary considers Kellie Pickler one of her besties! The ladies met as neighbors in Nashville, and after crossing paths at various music events AND the nearby nail salon, they became fast friends.