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Lil Tay’s Instagram Wiped Clean Once Again After Shocking Abuse Allegations Against Her Dad

The Lil Tay drama just keeps getting worse. Just days after someone posted shocking allegations against the 9-year-old rapper's dad on her Instagram page, every single post has been deleted from her account. WTF?!

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Lil Tay’s Instagram has been wiped completely clean in the wake of someone posting disturbing allegations of abuse against her father, Christopher J. Hope. An unidentified person posted on her Instagram page that the 9-year-old rapper was court-ordered to live with her dad back in June 2018. The person also claimed Lil Tay’s dad is allegedly “abusive” and accused him of banning her from social media so the “truth” wouldn’t be exposed. Just days after the allegations went live, all the posts from the rapper’s page have been deleted. Lil Tay still has a bio on her Instagram page that features “#FREELILTAY” and “#MakeTheInternetGreatAgain.” It also says that she’s managed my “mgmt.” The 9-year-old doesn’t have Twitter account, and she last posted on her Facebook page in April 2018.

Lil Tay’s father sent a cease and desist to Instagram, according to The Blast. In the cease and desist, Christopher wrote that he believes Lil Tay’s brother, Jason Tian, took control over her social media accounts and has “negligently allowed the account to be used by third parties, to conduct criminal extortion and harassment.” Christopher also adamantly denied the allegations against him and blasted them as “outrageously defamatory.”

One of the now-deleted posts on Lil Tay’s Instagram included Tay wiping tears from her face, reportedly on the day she was court-ordered to live with her dad. “This was Tay’s first encounter with Christopher in a very long time,” the post read. “It was very difficult for her to stand face to face with the person that abused her for many years, but she had no other choice.” Another post claimed that Christopher “has been trying to destroy Tay and her mother’s life for his own financial gain. Christopher John Hope is trying to grab her fame, money and ultimately take Tay away from her mother who has loved and cared for Tay all her life…”