Where Is Lil Tay? — Report Claims Rapper, 9, Is Living With Her Dad Who Banned Her From Social Media

Fans have been wondering where Lil Tay is since she disappeared from social media in June. Now, someone who says they previously worked with her has shocking claims about what allegedly happened.

Lil Tay‘s Instagram, which had been inactive for more than four months, finally resurfaced over the weekend. Someone who who claims to have previously worked with the nine-year-old rapper put a series of posts up on the page, revealing where Tay has allegedly been since she disappeared from social media in June. The person, who did not reveal their identity, claims that Tay was court-ordered to live with her father, allegedly named Christopher J. Hope, in Canada on June 3. They also refer to Tay’s father as “abusive” and “absentee,” and accused him of banning her from social media so she wouldn’t “expose the truth” about him. These abuse claims have not been verified.

“For the past few months, he has been trying to destroy Tay and her mother’s life for his own financial gain,” the person wrote. “Christopher John Hope is trying to grab her fame, money and ultimately take Tay away from her mother who has loved and cared for Tay all her life, something Christopher John Hope has never done.” The first post claims that Tay’s father had not been in her life for “years” before the alleged court order, in which Christopher allegedly threatened to have Tay’s mother arrested and Tay put in foster care if they did not comply.

In one post, the person included a video that showed Tay wiping tears from her face. It was reportedly taken on the day she was ordered to go live with her father. “This was Tay’s first encounter with Christopher in a very long time,” the post read. “It was very difficult for her to stand face to face with the person that abused her for many years, but she had no other choice.”

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Part 3: June 3rd Christopher John Hope never cared for Tay, her best interests and her dreams. While Christopher John Hope was with Tay’s Mother, he would cheat on her with multiple women and even had affairs with his assistant from his current law firm. He would not give Tay the quality time she deserved from a father, which was just one of the many reasons as to why they separated. Once they separated he often slept with different women with Tay in same bed. At court, the judge told him to stop, because “its a bad influence to be doing that around a child”, but he claimed that he and the woman “were wearing pajamas” and “she was just a friend”. Christopher John Hope is a womanizer. He has been paying for all of Richanee Alcover and her sons expenses since they met, and ever since the birth of his new child with Alcover, he stopped contacting Tay and refused to pay for support and now owes years of it. Chris Hope took Tay for granted. When it was his time to take care of Tay at his home, he wouldn’t feed her or make her proper meals and would mainly leave Tay with Richanee Alcover’s sister Chezca to care for her while he went out with Richanee Alcover and her son, to luxurious vacations and fancy dinners. While Chezca Alcover was babysitting Tay, she would scream at Tay and forcefully lock her in a dark closet for hours at a time for no reason, all with the knowledge and permission of Christopher John Hope. After this period Tay became very depressed and had to see a therapist every week, that is why Tay is full time with her Mom Angela. As Tay became famous and was finally starting to find happiness in her life, Christopher John Hope began trying to reinsert himself into her life in an attempt to bring her back down into the deep dark state that she was once in while in his care. #FreeLiltay

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The posts claim that Christopher cheated on Tay’s mother with a woman named Richanee Alcover, then allegedly dropped Tay and her mom from his life to support Richanee and her sons. The entire family allegedly mentally abused Tay. Christopher allegedly only wanted to have Tay back in his life once she became famous.

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