‘Counting On’ Recap: Josiah Duggar & Lauren Swanson Share ‘Impressive’ 1st Kiss On Wedding Day

Josiah and Lauren may have tied the knot over the summer, but their major moment -- and first kiss -- was documented on tonight's 'Counting On' episode. We've got all the sweet details!

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“May I kiss her, Daddy?” Josiah Duggar, 22, was so excited to kiss his wife Lauren Swanson, 19, on the lips at their wedding that he asked their officiant — and her dad Dwain Swanson — for permission before he could say, “You may now kiss the bride.” That’s because Josiah and Lauren had been waiting since they began courting in January to kiss, and went on about just how impatient they were on the Oct. 1 episode of Counting On. “This is the first day of my life I get to kiss a girl right smack dab on the lips,” Josiah said, admitting that he’d been practicing on his hand. “You’ve got to think about it from that perspective.” Lauren was just as excited, saying, “I finally get to kiss anytime I want to.”

When they finally got the chance to lock lips, Josiah bent Lauren back in a theatrical kiss. They’d talked about it beforehand and the young couple definitely looked prepared for the big moment. “I asked her to stay as still as she could and just go with it,” the Duggar brother said. Everyone in their 1,000-member audience clapped and cheered, and then Josiah went back in for seconds. Lauren smiled, leaned back and told him no, and then they finished the wedding off.

The two rushed outside to their getaway car after the reception, but Josiah, the master prankster, got a taste of his own medicine. His brothers had covered a junkyard vehicle with wrapping paper, then plastered the Mustang he’d really be driving with colorful Post-Its. The back of the car was filled with stinky cheese and sardines — and someone wearing a Ghillie suit. Yes, really!

But nothing could get Josiah and Lauren down on their special day. They couldn’t have looked more thrilled at their wedding — and the fun is only going to continue now that they’ve tied the knot. Before their wedding day, the two wrote down 52 reasons why they loved each other so they could read out a new reason every single week. How cute is that?

With a tea party bridal shower, a sweet first look in a cap sleeve dress and issues with a gluten-free cake, Josiah and Lauren’s wedding had enough going on for an entire episode’s worth of drama. But somehow, TLC’s two-hour Counting On special also managed to cram in Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo‘s first birthing class — as well as John David Duggar‘s surprise courtship reveal.