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Jon Gosselin Lives With Hannah, 14, ‘Full Time’ Despite Report Claiming Kate Has ‘Full Custody’

So the sextuplets have split up? Hannah didn't just spend her first day of school away from her sibs -- Jon actually has full custody of her, a source says. Click here for all the details!

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Sounds like Hannah Gosselin, 14, is a daddy’s girl! In fact, the sextuplet from Jon & Kate Plus 8 allegedly lives with Jon Gosselin, 41, instead of the rest of her siblings and Kate Gosselin, 43. “Hannah lives full time with Jon and they are always out and about together in his hometown of Reading, PA,” a source with inside knowledge told EXCLUSIVELY. “The details of his custody arrangement with Kate are top secret though. No one but Kate and Jon and their lawyers know the specifics.” So even though we’re dying for more information, we’ll take what we can get! A report did claim that Kate had full custody of all eight of her kids, but all signs have been pointing to the opposite lately.

It all started with Jon’s Instagram live video on August . He shared some footage on social media answering questions from fans and someone asked whether or not he lived with Hannah. He had been posting a lot of selfies with his daughter, after all, on important dates like Father’s Day, her birthday and the Fourth of July! And not only did he say he had full custody of his daughter, but she made appearances in his video, singing and bringing him hot dogs. So when Kate shared a photo of her kids a week later all dressed up for their first day of school, it seemed to be the nail in the coffin. Fans immediately noticed that Hannah — and her brother Collin — were MIA. Sure enough, Jon posted a solo shot of Hannah rocking a yellow tee before the start of eighth grade a couple days later.

If Hannah and Jon don’t live together, they sure do spend a lot of time with each other. And since Collin is the only other Gosselin kiddo who has been reunited with his dad recently, we can’t help but wonder if he’ll be the next sextuplet to live permanently under his roof.