Tara Reid Reveals The One Cult Classic Film She’s Been In That She’d Love To Do Again

Tara Reid has been in so many films that have influenced modern pop culture, that picking just one to make again was a hard task. But, she did it, and revealed to HollywoodLife which cult classic film she wants to do again!

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Image Credit: Amanda Jones

Josie & The Pussycats, My Boss’s Daughter, American Pie — Tara Reid has been in them all. If they were to redo any of these classics, I think every ’80s and ’90s child would go into anaphylactic shock, but if Tara had it her way, she’d definitely return to the big screen for at least one of them! “There’s a lot of talk right now, which is just talk, I can’t say it’s true, but there’s a lot of buzz on American Pie 5…” Tara hinted in the HollywoodLife podcast while promoting the final Sharknado film. “They are my favorite movies! I would be so into it! I’d love it!” SOMEONE CALL JASON BIGGS.

Tara also admitted that she loved her character of Mel in Josie & The Pussycats, and really enjoyed working with Ashton Kutcher in My Boss’s Daughter. “I remember the scariest part of My Boss’s Daughter was when the owl came in, we were terrified. The owl’s claws were huge, and it was real!” she exclaimed, looking back at the classic movie. “Ashton and I were terrified together. It was pretty scary. We loved that movie, but there was nothing we loved about that owl.” Of course, Tara’s other cult classic film is more recent, and comes in the form of now six Sharknado films. “This is by far the biggest movie of my life,” Tara admitted. “When I first read the script, I was like… ‘You know what? Let’s just do the movie. Take the money and run. We’ll do it for my friends. We’ll have fun.’ And boom, the opposite of anything I ever thought. I thought American Pie was a cult movie.”

You can catch Tara in the final Sharknado, tonight, August 19, on SYFY at 8 PM ET!

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