Shawn Booth Admits Being Fiancé Kaitlyn Bristowe’s Personal Trainer Is ‘Tricky’

From 'The Bachelorette' to the gym, Shawn Booth & Kaitlyn Bristowe can handle just about anything! After breaking into the fitness industry with his own gym & fitness app, Shawn admits he and Kaitlyn probably won't be doing those partner workouts you see fitness couples do on the 'gram!

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Image Credit: Courtesy of Instagram

Shawn Booth just launched his interactive new fitness app BOOTHCAMP and is a trainer to the stars of Nashville, from country music singers to Tennessee Titans players, in his new gym of the same name. While his fiancé Kaitlyn Bristowe frequents the gym and uses the app on her own time, the former Bachelor contestant admits that he and his girlfriend “do their own thing” when it comes to working out! “We’re with each other most of the day and most of the time and she likes doing different workout classes and she doesn’t really like when I tell her what to do,” Shawn laughed in an interview with “So, trying to be her personal trainer is a little bit tricky because I’ll tell her what she needs to do and how she needs to do it, and she says ‘No, I’m not doing that’ or ‘Don’t tell me what to do! So it’s a push and pull when we’re training with each other.”

All jokes aside, both Kaitlyn and Shawn clearly are perfect each other for a number of reasons, but their entrepreneurial spirit really stands out as a commonality between the two of them. Both former Bachelor Nation stars have developed their own personal brands, individual of each other and together, while also doing what they love. Shawn was inspired to enter the fitness industry after he just barely survived a horrific car accident and hit the gym to rebuilt his broken body. “Once I was able to start doing stuff again, I decided was going to be the strongest I could be and also help people with that process because I knew how much it meant to me, how much I loved doing it,” he revealed. Shawn was lucky to make his dream a reality this past June, when he celebrated the grand opening of his Nashville gym BOOTHCAMP and the launch of his app, in partnership with PLANKK, also called BOOTHCAMP.

If you can’t make it to Shawn’s gym in Music City, you have access to his workouts in the palm of your hand.
“All the exercises and workouts can be done from home with limited amount of time to help those who have busy lifestyles, who are working full time jobs and are tired after work or have kids,” Shawn explained. ” I want them to feel comfortable and just pull out their phone and be able to do workouts anywhere. I just want to build that community and help these people as much as possible.” Shawn, himself, is leading the over 200 fully customizable workouts, and acts as your own personal trainer whenever is convenient for you!

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