Isaac Kappy Defends Himself Against ‘Choking Allegations’: Paris Jackson & I ‘Were Totally Playing’

Actor Isaac Kappy tells us EXCLUSIVELY that he didn't choke Paris Jackson at a party, as they were only 'horse playing' around. This comes despite the fact she's allegedly moving and hired armed protection.

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Image Credit: WWD/Shutterstock/Instagram

Actor Isaac Kappy says he hasn’t seen or talked to Paris Jackson, 20, in over a year, but that hasn’t stopped the model from allegedly doing all she can to keep him away from her. TMZ reports she is in the process of moving and has hired armed protection after he sent her disturbing texts. He also allegedly choked Paris at a party and tells us that everything about their interactions has been greatly exaggerated. “Regarding the choking allegations, this is not true and the party didn’t even happen a month ago. I haven’t seen or talked to Paris in over a year. I was at Paris’ house for a Memorial Day party back in May 2017, and we were in the kitchen horse playing and a guy at the party totally blew this situation of out proportion,” Isaac tells EXCLUSIVELY.

“Nobody was hurt, Paris and I were totally playing around. I even spent the night, and the next day Paris gave me a gift, which was a hat that I still have. Why would she have given me a gift the next day if I was choking her? Why didn’t they throw me out of the party right away?” he continues. TMZ has  claimed that the alleged choking happened at a game night party last month at her home and up until then they had been friends. The site also says and now she’s planning on moving so that Isaac can’t find her and blocked his phone number so that he can’t call or text her.

Isaac however maintains that he hasn’t been in contact with Paris since that 2017 party “I’ve had no contact with Paris in over a year and the only thing I’ve texted her was the other day when these stories came out. I just said she is being dragged into this and shouldn’t be.” The actor has been accusing former Buffy The Vampire Slayer star Seth Green, 44, and his wife Clare of being alleged pedophiles and Paris’ name got caught up in the situation.

“It was also reported that I was threatening Seth Green and his wife, Clare, in the letter that was posted by TMZ. But if you read the letter, there are no threats. I don’t know why TMZ posted that because it makes them look bad since it just corroborates everything I’ve been saying.” The site posted a handwritten letter to Clare that was loving in tone and claimed she and Seth were “like family” to Isaac. However they did include a video of Isaac making the pedophilia claims.

When we contacted the LAPD to see if they are acting on either the  alleged choking or the threats against Paris, Officer Herrera told us, “We are looking into the matter. However, not an active investigation.”

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