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Will Faith Evans Stand By Stevie J After Ex Misha Perry Claims She’s Pregnant With His Baby?

Is Faith Evans considering leaving Stevie J after his ex, Misha Perry, came forward and claimed she's pregnant with his baby? HollywoodLife has the EXCLUSIVE info on how she feels.

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Faith [Evans] is standing by Stevie J and she will continue to stand by her husband even if this [alleged] baby does turn out to be his child. The one thing that would shake Faith’s loyalty is if this woman (Misha Perry) has proof that Stevie cheated on Faith with her. It would have to be unshakeable proof — not something shady that could be faked. Like, if she’s got date stamped videos that line up with when Faith and Stevie were together and I mean really together and not on one of their many breakups,” a source close to Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta‘s Stevie J, 46, and Faith, 45, tells EXCLUSIVELY. In case you haven’t been following along, Stevie J’s ex, Misha, 20, not only says she’s six months pregnant with his baby, but she also claims he ditched her for Faith. She first made the claim on Instagram on June 17, and then she told us EXCLUSIVELY that they met on the social media platform in May 2017. Does Faith believe her, though?

“It’s been a rocky road with a lot of breakups and makeups, so this could have easily happened when they were free to see other people. As far as Faith knows and believes, Stevie has always been true to her. And she will believe in him and give him the benefit of the doubt, unless she gets solid proof otherwise,” our source explains. Mind you, Stevie J and Faith got married just a few weeks ago, but they’ve been dating each other — on and off — for several months and known each other for many, many years!

But even so, Faith doesn’t believe this child is Stevie’s. “He says Misha is not to be trusted and just a random woman seeking fame. Faith believes him — she’s seen enough dudes get hustled, she’s not new to this game,” our source adds. “Faith feels the girl is trying to take advantage of her new husband that she loves dearly. Fatih and Stevie are trying to build a future together and she feels like Misha is just trying to drag them down and gain attention and followers for her own benefit and clout.”

We suppose they could always take a DNA test when the baby is born, right? Then, we’d all know the truth!