Melania Trump Fears For Donald’s Relationship With Vladimir Putin — He Scares Her

Melania Trump is no fan of her husband Donald's bromance with Russian leader Vladimir Putin. We've got details on how she's afraid of him.

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President Donald Trump, 72, has a bizarre respect and admiration for Russian leader Vladimir Putin that few people can figure out. After all, Russia is an enemy state and the ruthless autocrat cannot be trusted in any way. Even Trump’s own wife Melania, 48, realizes that her husband’s bromance with Putin is not good for America. “Melania fears her husband’s relationship with Putin. The Russian president scares Melania and she does not trust him at all,” a Washington DC insider tells EXCLUSIVELY.

Melania looked absolutely terrified in video standing with her husband and Putin, 65, at their July 16 meeting in Helsinki, Finland. She was so visibly uncomfortable that the Twittersphere noticed big time. “The only one in the room who understands how dangerous this man actually is,” one Twitter user wrote. “She looks like she just stared into the eyes of evil…” another observed. “She looks like she short-circuited there for a second,” someone commented on how stoic and rigid she became right after meeting Putin.

“The first lady gets nervous and anxious every time Donald talks or meets with Putin. She feels Putin is a danger to her husband, to his presidency, the country and the world,” our insider adds. Melania might have to roll out the red carpet for the Russian strongman as Trump made the shocking revelation on July 19 that he’s invited Putin for a White House visit in the fall.

Hmm…a White House visit by the leader of an enemy state in the fall right before the 2018 midterm elections sounds like a pretty bad idea. 12 Russian officials have already been indicted by a federal grand jury for hacking Democratic National committee computers in order to influence the 2016 presidential election. Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats has warned that Russia is still at it, saying they currently trying “wreak havoc over our elections” and that we need to remain “ever vigilant” about more Russian hacking attacks on our upcoming election processes.

Trump publicly sided with Putin after their meeting by challenging the American intelligence community and dismissed the idea of Russia interfering in our elections. He even claimed Russia had no reason to meddle. Many took his statements as treasonous, with former CIA director John Brennan saying that “[Trump] is wholly in the pocket of Putin.” Many politicians openly voiced concerns that Putin definitely has something incriminating on Trump, so no wonder Melania is so scared.

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