Tiny Paying ‘No Attention’ To Asia’h Epperson — Why She’s More Threatened By Bernice Burgos

Is Tiny Harris pissed off at Asia'h Epperson's potential dig aimed at Tiny on her birthday? A source close to Tiny told HL EXCLUSIVELY how she's reacted to Asia'h's recent shade.

Tiny Asia'h Epperson
Image Credit: REX/Shutterstock

T.I.‘s alleged side piece Asia’h Epperson may have subtly dissed Tiny‘s butt on her birthday — but does she care? A source close to Tiny gave us the EXCLUSIVE deets on how she feels about all the drama. “Tiny pays no attention to Asia’h Epperson, especially about body issues,” our source said. “If Asia’h was trying to throw shade at Tiny for not having an ‘all natural’ body the way she does, she missed the mark.”

When it comes down to it, she knows that T.I. likes the way her body looks — even after plastic surgery. However, if there’s anyone who Tiny is worried about — it’s T.I.’s ex Bernice Burgos. “Tiny does not want to be all natural because she knows that T.I. has a fetish for fake booties and fake boobs too,” our source went on to say. “Tiny is way more threatened by Bernice, and her THOT body, than she is by Asia’h and her all natural body.”

Many fans thought that Asia’h was commenting on Tiny’s body in an Instagram post that showed off Asia’h’s butt. In a series of pics, Asia’h provided the following captions: “Many can see the image but few can get the picture,” and “This that type of all natural money can’t buy,” along with the hashtag “God’s work”. However, if anything, Tiny’s relationship with T.I. is stronger than before, especially after he got her a sports cars for her birthday. “Tiny was blown away by the car,” a source close to Tiny told us EXCLUSIVELY. “She was totally shocked by it as she wasn’t expecting anything at all from T.I. So to get a car – and a load of gorgeous gifts from Christian Louboutin as well – really floored her.”

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