Alexa PenaVega Gushes Over ‘Spy Kids’ Co-Star Daryl Sabara & Meghan Trainor’s ‘Special Bond’

Before Daryl Sabara could commit to Meghan Trainor, he obviously needed approval from his 'Spy Kids' sis Alexa PenaVega -- right?! Well, not exactly, but Alexa told HollywoodLife that she knew the two were a match made in Heaven!

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Just days after Daryl Sabara and Meghan Trainor celebrated their two year anniversary, his Spy Kids co-star Alexa PenaVega revealed to exclusively that she thinks the two are absolutely perfect for each other. “He has been so in love with her for a long time now,” she gushed. “Just last year, before he proposed, I remember the way he would talk about her, and I’d say, ‘Daryl, that is your girl. You need to marry her!’ and he was just like, ‘I know! I know!'” She added, “It’s so rare to find your person and someone who’s just ready to be your person, because sometimes your careers end up being first, even though you don’t mean for them to be. But, those two have such a special bond.” Awww!

Alexa is definitely one to know a strong love when she sees one, since she found it herself with Carlos PenaVega! “We both are seriously the dorky kids who met at Bible study and, for us, our faith is super important, so that’s the foundation of our life,” Alexa said, revealing how she and Carlos make it work, as they’re both in the entertainment industry. “I think that has really kept us together because it’s so easy to just got your head. Your ego can be inflated in five seconds in this industry! It’s such a ‘yes’ business that it’s so easy for it to go to your head if you don’t have a good foundation.” Alexa and Carlos decided early in their marriage that they weren’t going to let that happen, and they moved to plant their foundation in Hawaii! “It wasn’t until I actually delivered Ocean that I decided that I wanted him to grow up in a place where he could really recharge. I love acting, but if that didn’t work out anymore because we moved to Maui, then I said I’d get a job,” Alexa explained. “I don’t care if I’m working at the surf shop, a taco stand. Whatever that is, but I’m going to provide for my family and I’m going do it in a place where I love and where I can actually spend time with my kids and bring them up in a way that matters to me.”

Just a look at Alexa’s Instagram, you can see that Ocean, 1, literally lives his best life… with the ocean as his backyard! Currently, Alexa is sharing her love for the outdoors and spending time with her kid by working with Take Me Fishing, an organization that offers a simple, user-friendly experience for moms, especially, who want to take their kids fishing! The site features the top mom-approved spots to fish and boat across the United States, and allows you to get a fishing license quick and on the spot! “It’s just been this kind of really fun way to promote fishing, of course, because I love fishing, but just really getting people excited about being outdoors again,” Alexa gushed.

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