Cardi B Defends Offset’s Cheating Ways After Secret Marriage Revealed — ‘S**t Happens’

Cardi B took to Instagram on June 26 to stand up for her man Offset in response to a fan dissing him for cheating on her during their marriage. See what she had to say here!

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Cardi B, 25, is totally on hubby and baby daddy Offset‘s side when it comes to his mistakes. The rapper took to Instagram on June 26 to respond to a fan’s message about her secret marriage to the Migos member and his cheating ways. “so they married and he still cheated okay sis,” the fan posted. Cardi took the opportunity to prove that Offset wasn’t alone in his actions and by pointing out that many other men in the spotlight have done the same. “and so did Martin Luther King, Kobe [Bryant], JayZ and [Bill] Clinton and most likely your father but guess what we work things out we grew, bout to have a baby and purchasing a home together. S**t happens,” Cardi responded.

The mom-to-be has definitely stayed by Offset’s side since the cheating scandal came to be and it’s good to know the lovebirds worked things out. With a new bundle of joy arriving soon, the more love the better! Offset put knowledge of his secret marriage to Cardi in motion when he called her his wife at the 2018 BET Awards on June 24 and the pregnant superstar later confirmed on Twitter that they indeed made things legal back in Sept. 2017.

In addition to commenting on the marriage, Cardi’s been publicly sharing her pregnancy journey by sharing adorable baby bump photos whenever she has the chance. The successful artist is set to give birth to a daughter very soon and we truly can’t wait for her to show her baby girl to the world. If she turns out to be anything like her mom, we bet she’ll be entertaining us for years to come!

Cardi B
Courtesy of Instagram

Cardi first revealed that she was pregnant in a big way when she performed on Saturday Night Live. We’re looking forward to the way she’ll introduce her soon-to-be daughter!



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