Pete Davidson Fanboys All Over Robert Pattinson On ‘Tonight Show’: He’s ‘The Sickest’ — Watch

There might be someone who Pete Davidson loves even more than fiancée Ariana Grande. He totally fanned out over Robert Pattinson on 'The Tonight Show,' promoting a nearly year-old movie featuring Rob.

Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson, 24, stopped by The Tonight Show on June 20 to promote his new Netflix film Set It Up, but all he could talk about was fellow guest Robert Pattinson and gush about how amazing the actor is. Rob, 32, was the primary guest on the show, promoting his latest film, an old west set comedy Damsel. After his segment, host Jimmy Fallon asked if he wanted to stay and sit in for Pete’s interview. Which was odd because Jimmy never keeps guests on the sofa once they’re done. Then we found out why. Pete spent nearly his entire segment fawning over Rob’s 2017 violent heist film Good Time. Seriously. Pete even brought along his favorite clip!

Pete wasn’t in the movie, but it is his all time favorite film as he admitted he’s watched it over 30 times. “I think he’s one of the greatest actors of our generation. He’s just the sickest,” Pete gushed about Rob, who sat next to him blushing in surprise. “Good Time. It’s the best movie ever made. I am here to promote Good Time.” Jimmy was totally caught off guard, noting the movie has already been out since the summer of 2017. “It’s so good. It’s the most insane crazy movie I’ve ever seen.”

Pete said he came on the program — his first ever Tonight Show appearance — just because of Rob’s presence and dismissed the Netflix film he’s in and was supposed to be promoting. “That’s why I came here. I’m going to promote a movie I’m in for 10 seconds?” he said with blunt honesty. “Which is great by the way, its amazing, whatever. But he should have got an Oscar,” pointing at an amused Rob.

“That’s why I’m here. I really love this movie so much. I brought a clip of Good Time that I’d like to roll. This is a scene where Rob and his brother have robbed a bank,” Pete said before Jimmy interrupted and asked if he was seriously going to show a clip from a nearly year-old movie. He sure as hell was as he announced “Here’s Robert Pattinson and Benny Safdie in Good Time. Take a look,” then the clip rolled. Pete was even wearing a t-shirt featuring Rob and Benny’s characters, so he came prepared!

Before spending nearly his entire segment fawning over Rob and Good Time, Pete did confirm the big news that he and Ariana are engaged. He admitted “I feel like I won a contest.” Jimmy then proceeded to ask the SNL star how he was handling it all. “I’m f***ing lit, Jimmy,” he revealed. Strangely enough, he was way more lit about gushing over Rob.

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