‘Imposters’: Maddie & Ezra Kiss After She Apologizes For Their Hurtful Past

Maddie and Ezra's relationship takes a steamy turn this week on Bravo's 'Imposters'! The exes share an emotional moment when she confronts him about having feelings for Charlotte! But, this epic kiss answers a lot of questions!

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Bravo's 'Imposters' Season 2
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As the bumblers are on the hunt for the ring, Maddie and Ezra‘s relationship heats up during this week’s episode of Bravo‘s Imposters! In this EXCLUSIVE clip (as seen below) Maddie confronts Ezra about having feelings for Charlotte. “So Charlotte’s got feelings. It sounds like you’re doing everything right,” Maddie, who seems to be a bit jealous says as she toasts Erza. “What about your feelings?” she asks, adding, “Not so easy, is it?” The roles now seem to be reversed, as Ezra is immersed in his conning ways, but has developed feelings.

“No it’s not,” Ezra replies, quickly changing the subject back to his marriage with Maddie, aka “Ava” when she conned him in season one. “You never said you were sorry, why not?” Maddie says she never apologized because Ezra wouldn’t have believed her.

Maddie quickly catches herself feeling things (something that she doesn’t favor) and deflects. “They’re just words,” she says. But, Ezra wants to hear it. “What does it matter if you won’t believe me?” she replies. Ezra continues to seductively push her for an apology saying, “Try me.”

“I’m sorry,” Maddie says, before she pauses and chokes up a bit. “I’m really sorry. I’m so sorry,” she continues, as tears fill her eyes. Then, Erza leans forward to kiss her! OMG!

Watch the clip below!

This kiss is such a big deal because Maddie and Ezra have always had hidden chemistry. After he was the first person she conned back in season one, she’s always had a soft spot for him. And, Ezra was always the bumbler who was hurt the most over Maddie.

What else will you see during Imposters May 24 episode? — In pursuit of the ring, the Bumblers don new identities under Maddie’s tutelage. And, Ezra forms an unlikely relationship with a Toby Jug collector, while Max and Sally try to dig up dirt from the Doctor’s past!

Imposters airs Thursdays at 10/9c only on Bravo! 

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