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Carrie Underwood: The Cutting Edge Surgery & Laser Treatments That Likely Erased Her Facial Scar

It hardly shows that Carrie Underwood had 40 stitches to her gorgeous face. A top plastic surgeon tells us about the cutting edge laser treatments that likely helped remove the scarring.

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Carrie Underwoods fans feared the worst when she told them after a horrific fall at her home in Nov. 2017  that she might “look different” next time they saw her. She had over 40 stitches to her face and everyone was so worried she might have a terrible scar.  We all got a close-up look at her gorgeous face when she hit up a radio show on Apr. 19 and she had the most minute light-red scar just above her lip and below her nose. So how did she go from having dozens of stitches to having such a faint scar? A top Beverly Hills plastic surgeon and scar-removal expert explains what she likely had done.

“So, I imagine she may have had a very talented plastic surgeon do the repair. And then she probably may have gone on to some sort of topical scar cream, and then down the road if the scar was still a little bit red or a little bit thickened, a treatment such as a laser treatment or a micro-needling treatment could be performed to really allow for that scar to thin out and make it as imperceptible as possible. I’m not sure if she had rejuvenative plastic surgery, but generally speaking with these types of regiments a scar can heal really well,” Beverly Hills board-certified Oculoplastic Surgeon and founder of Skinuva scar removal cream Dr. Christopher Zoumalan tells EXCLUSIVELY.
Dr. Zoumalan adds that the repair procedures can run into several thousands of dollars, but Carrie’s clearly got the money and the best treatment possible as her scar is barely visible five months after her accident. “Scars continue to heal. It takes up to a year for a scar to heal, so it certainly may continue to get better with time,” the doctor tells us. That means by the time her new album Cry Pretty drops in September, it may not even be noticeable anymore.
Carrie shared in an interview on Bobby Bones‘ radio show that the fall actually happened at a good time as she wasn’t in career grind at the time, letting her be “fortunate” with her healing process and recovery. “I was lucky that when it happened, everything was kind of shutting down in the music world and we had the holidays and stuff like that,” she explained. Her five months out of the public eye sure allowed for plenty of healing time and she looks fantastic. It still must have been so scary wondering if the scarring would end up going away. Fortunately her treatments really worked. Carrie made her big comeback at the ACMs on Apr. 15, but had so much stage makeup on it was impossible to see where any scarring was.