‘The Challenge: Vendettas’ Recap: Tony Makes Another Big Betrayal To Maintain Power

Tony once again proves himself as a force to be reckoned with on 'The Challenge: Vendettas.' But who will he betray this time to further himself in the game? Here's a recap of the March 20 episode!

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This week’s episode of The Challenge: Vendettas kicks off with Natalie doing damage control with Nelson — she voted him into the Ring last week, despite their alliance. Nelson is fine to keep things friendly to Natalie’s face, but behind her back, he says he definitely considers her a new vendetta. At the challenge, the competitors are split into two teams, chosen by the Troika (Natalie, Tony and Zach). They have to swim out and deposit balls into a net so they can release a treasure chest. Before things can begin, though, Brad and Kam get to use their Gernades

Kam goes with Time Crunch and uses it on Cara Maria, which means Cara will have one minute added to her time. What Kam doesn’t think about, though, is that the Troika can still put her on Cara’s team when they make their selections, which would ultimately hurt her game. Brad does think about this hurdle, but is given assurance by Zach and Tony that they won’t screw him over while picking teams because he’s a good swimmer. In the end, Brad chooses Tied Up, and picks Kyle to have his legs tied up for the challenge simply because he’s a good swimmer. This means Kyle physically won’t be able to compete.

The Troika chooses the following teams: 1) Zach, Tony, Brad, Jemmye, Natalie, Nicole, Devin and  2) Kyle, Cara, Kam, Nelson, Leroy, Kailah. Obviously, the second team is at a disadvantage, with both Grenades thrown their way, and Nelson is pissed that Natalie didn’t get him out of being stuck on in the weaker group. It’s quite an embarrassing display, as the Team 2 doesn’t even come close to beating team one.

The winning team has to choose three members to make up the Troika, and even though it’s a girls’ elimination, they go with Zach, Tony and Brad, who want to remain in the power position. The guys assure the girls they will NOT be thrown into the Ring, but, that’s a promise we’ve seen broken before. Meanwhile, the losing team has to vote one of their own into elimination, and it ends in a tie between Kailah and Cara. On a re-vote, the results are the same, with Leroy not realizing he’s now screwing over his ally, Kam, by keeping his vote the same — because, now, the power is in the hands of the Troika, and they unanimously vote Kam in for a third time.

Back at the house, the Troika decides on Cara and Kailah as choices for the Inquisition. Now, the only other options are the three girls who were on their team in the challenge, so they’re forced to break a promise to one of them. They go with Natalie as their third choice, as she has the most money in her pot. At the Inquisition, Cara argues that she’ll be a strong competitor to run with in the final; however, the guys think she’s their best chance to take Kam out before the final. Meanwhile, Natalie and Kailah go at it over the strengths they each have to offer and where their loyalties lie.

Zach, Brad and Tony all vote Natalie into the Ring, despite the fear that she can come back and use a Grenade against them. For the elimination challenge, the ladies have to be the first to shimmy across a tightrope and ring a bell. Natalie starts out strong, but when she gets stuck and panics, Kam is able to pull ahead and get the win.

For winning the elimination Kam gets a choice of three Grenades: 1) Cash — take any player’s money, 2) Endure — make any player do 30 burpees before the next challenge or 3) Time Crunch — add time to anyone’s final time at the next challenge. Before the players can leave the Ring, TJ drops another bomb: TWO players will be going home at the next challenge.

The challenge requires the competitors to run one mile up a hill, then zip line, run through town and propel down a wall to the bottom. The slowest guy and girl will automatically be sent home. Kam uses the cash Grenade, and decides to steal Devin’s $16,000. The players run the tough course, but unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until next week to see who goes home!

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