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Brandon Lee: 5 Things About Tommy Lee & Pamela Anderson’s Son

Brandon Lee's accused of smacking his rocker dad in the mouth. As Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson’s son deals with the police and this family drama, get the facts all about Brandon.

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It’s a family feud of epic proportions. Mötley Crüe’s Tommy Lee, 55, claims his 21-year-old son Brandon Thomas Lee “knocked [him] unconscious” on the evening of March 5. With reports that Brandon committed the alleged assault in defense of his mother, Pamela Anderson, 50, it’s all getting rather messy. Tommy reportedly still plans to press charges against his kid, so as Brandon prepares to deal with the 5-0, get to know more about him.

1. Yes, he’s a model. As the son of a rock star and a world-famous sex symbol, it’s no surprise that Brandon hit the genetics lottery jackpot. He and his brother, Dylan Jagger Lee, 20, were practically born into the fashion world, as they grew up attending many Hollywood functions when their parents were still together. Though Brandon once aspired to be an actor, according to W magazine, he and his brother “pay the bills,” so to speak, by modelling. Brandon has appeared in print campaigns and walked the runway for Dolce & Gabbana.

2. He has expensive tastes. While speaking to W in 2016, Brandon asked what he was “lusting” after. His response? “More Amiri jeans.” You know, the pair of jeans that retail anywhere from $690 to $1000+. Who knows? Perhaps since then, he’s developed an appreciation of cheap beer and second-hand clothing? Judging by his Instagram though, probably not.

3. Brandon has acted as his mom’s personal stylist. There was once a time when Pamela picked out her boy’s clothes. Now, the roles have flipped. “I’ve been dressing my mom for years,” he told The New York Post during Zadig & Voltaire NYFW show in September 2017. Brandon — who’s almost as tattooed as his father – turned heads while flaunting his inked torso while walking in Philipp Plein’s Saturday shows. “[Pamela will] never admit it. … Sometimes she’ll have a stylist come over to the house … and right after they leave I’m like, ‘You’re not wearing any of that!’ I don’t care about the revealing stuff. I’m just like, ‘You’ve gotta change it.’ She listens to me.”

4. A chance meeting with Queen Bey took him to a higher plane. “I’ve never ever been one to idolize celebrities, only talented people,” a then 20-year-old Brandon told W magazine. “So my only moment I’ve ever had like that is with Beyoncé… My first year at Coachella I was backstage with my dad and he went over to say ‘Hi’ to some friends. I turned around and almost passed out. I said, ‘Hey,’ in a little boy voice and she called me ‘handsome.’ Let me tell you, that that shot my ego through the roof as a kid. I was 100 feet tall. No one could ever say anything to me that would take that away.”

5. He does take after his dad. Even though he and his father are not at a good point right now, Brandon is Tommy’s son. “Me and my roommate / best friend used to sneak out after hours at boarding school,” he told W magazine, “and steal the golf carts. We did laps in them around the pond in the front of our school. We never got caught, so that’s some pretty top secret stuff.” Sneaking out and committing some grand theft golf cart? Sounds something Tommy might have done while on touring in support of Shout At The Devil.