‘Siesta Key’: Juliette Reveals Where She Stands With Alex, Kelsey, Chloe & Hannah After Dramatic Finale

After her fight with Alex on the 'Siesta Key' finale, Juliette tells us where they stand now. Plus, the latest on her relationships with Kelsey, Chloe, Garrett AND Hannah!

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Juliette Porter had a LOT of ups and downs on this season of Siesta Key. She started out season 1B in a relationship with Garrett Miller, but things quickly fizzled out when she reunited with her ex, Alex Kompothecras, at Chloe Trautman’s birthday party. The rest of the season, we saw her get major criticism from other cast members for getting back with Alex, considering their rocky past. Her friendship with bestie, Hannah Starr, even started falling apart after Hannah expressed her concern about the relationship. In the finale, Alex and Juliette had a blowout fight, which ended in her driving away in tears. However, from social media, we know that Alex and Juliette were able to patch things up and work it out.

“It’s going really good,” she tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “We do have our issues, just like any couple does. We’re doing long distance — he can never really come visit me, so I have to come down a lot because I live five hours away [at Florida State University]. That’s okay, I like the beach better than being land-locked anyway! It kind of works because we’re both really busy, so when we’re together, we’re kind of distracting each other and it works out.” She added that Alex knows her “like the back of his hand” and helps keep her grounded when she starts getting caught up in the negativity surrounding their on/off romance.

Where do you stand with Hannah? We actually kind of just worked through it the other day. We talked about it [after it happened], but I texted her again after I watched the episode and I was like…do you really feel that way? It hurts to hear your friends say that stuff because you want to be able to go to them and you want them to be able to feel like they can come to you. Right now, we’re good. It’s like with relationships — you want to try and overcome those really hard obstacles because it’s like…do you really want to lose a whole friendship? We’ve been friends for a very long time, so we don’t want to lose that.

Is it awkward now with the tension between Hannah and Alex? It can be awkward sometimes. I know she gets uncomfortable being around Alex because of the things he’s said about her and she gets mad, but she doesn’t want me to be upset. She can’t hide her feelings and I can see immediately when she gets uncomfortable. [Alex] does too, a little. I think they’re trying to contain all of it for me…for now.

You and Chloe fought and made up a lot this season. Where’s your friendship now? Chloe and I are so back and forth. She does things that friends shouldn’t do! It’s been so many times that she does things that friends shouldn’t do, that at this point, I’m just like…do I even want to continue this at all? Like why even go back and be friends with someone who’s clearly just going to do something wrong again. It’s just little things. She’s also the type of friend that will do something terrible to you and then pretend like it didn’t happen a month later.

You and Kelsey had a lot of drama at the beginning of the season because of Garrett. Do you still have beef? It’s definitely calmed down. I mean, I can’t really speak for her, but I don’t really hold grudges like that. I’m over it. Honestly, she’s a pretty nice person. I get along with her more than I get along with Chloe sometimes! Even though I don’t like Kelsey and Madisson that much, at least they don’t treat me like Chloe does.

Your fling with Garrett ended when you got back with Alex. Do you guys still have any sort of relationship? I don’t think our relationship was as strong as Kelsey’s and his. I don’t have feelings for him anymore. But I think it’s because of Alex — it’s not really the same. I was with Garrett and then I moved onto a serious relationship, whereas Kelsey and Garrett came out of a serious relationship and didn’t move onto anything to take their minds off each other.