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Justin Bieber’s In A Hair Growing Contest With Friends & He Loves The Owen Wilson Comparisons

That’s not Owen Wilson -- that’s Justin Bieber! We hear there’s a reason behind Biebs’s shaggy look, and how there might be a ‘man bun’ in his future!

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To quote Owen Wilson, “Wow.” Justin Bieber, 23, has been seen sporting a surfer-look as of late. When he arrived to the gym on Feb. 13, he looked like the younger brother of the Wedding Crashers star, and it turns out, there’s a reason behind the “Sorry” singer’s scruffy locks. “Justin is growing his hair out and he’s been getting a lot of teasing over his shaggy new hair,” a friend of Justin EXCLUSIVELY tells HollywoodLife.com. “People are comparing him to Owen Wilson and he’s loving it. He thinks it’s hilarious since Owen is one of his favorite comedians.”

He has a point – Owen Wilson is hilarious. Now, Justin hasn’t gone crazy as a road lizard – another frequent Owen Wilson quote, FYI – by growing his hair out. It turns out, it’s all part of a game he’s playing with his bros. “Justin has no plans to cut his hair anytime soon,” the source tells HollywoodLife.com. “He’s having a contest with some of his friends, the first one to cut their hair loses. Justin is very competitive he plans to win so who knows how long he might grow it. A man bun could be in his future.”

Biebs with a bun? What a hair-raising thought (sorry. It had to be said.) Justin’s hair has been as iconic as his music. When he first debuted in 2009, he became instantly recognized for his side-swept bowl cut and bangs. Remember how baby Biebs looked while belting out “Baby” back then? Someone then introduced him to the wonders of clippers, and he shaved the sides of his hair while styling his top up in what was called his “Jimmy Neutron” period. Justin’s hair has gone through numerous transformations over the year. He dyed it all different shades of blonde, colored it purple for a hot second and even shaved it off!

In addition to Justin’s hair, fans were clocking a certain ring around his finger while he was out and about this past week. Justin was sporting a $520 Gucci ring in the shape of a giant wolf’s head. Many wondered if it was a tribute to Selena Gomez, 25, because she did release a song called “Wolves” in 2017. To quote Owen Wilson again, “Unbelievable!”

HollywoodLifers, what do you think about Justin’s long hair?