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Bernice Burgos Is About To Be A Grandma: T.I.’s Ex-Fling Expecting 1st Grandchild At 37

Hot grandma alert! At just 37 years old, Bernice Burgos is getting ready to welcome her first grandchild -- her 21-year-old daughter is pregnant!

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Long before Bernice Burgos infamous fling with T.I., she gave birth to a daughter named Ashley when she was just 15 years old. Now, Ashley is 21, and she’s pregnant! Yep, that means that, at 37 years old, Bernice is going to be a grandma. Once the news of Ashley’s pregnancy leaked, mother/daughter duo began getting a lot of hate on social media, so Bernice took to her Instagram story to fire back at the critics and explain why there’s nothing wrong with her having a grandkid so young.

“Public service announcement! Okay, let me let all you haters know — the people that support me, I love y’all. But let tell you all something: My daughter, she’s already 21,” Bernice ranted. “She’s happy, and whatever decisions she decides that she wants to do, I’m there for her. At the end of the day, I had her at the age of 15, you know. I was a young mom. Now, I’m going to be a young grandmother. And I’m going to be a bad grandmother. And I love her to death. Ashley, don’t worry about these f***ing haters, okay? We were trying to keep it a secret because sometimes you have to keep your personal business private, you know, just for us, for the family. But you people are all talking so much gossip and so much bulls*** that y’all don’t got nothing else to do. She’s good, though. We’re all good. But anyway, stay tuned for the reality show that’s going to come really soon.”

Bernice was thrust into the public eye earlier this year when it was reported that T.I. cheated on Tiny with her. Tiny eventually confirmed that there was no affair (at least with Bernice), but she did allude that something went on between the two after her separation from the rapper. However, this summer, T.I. seemed to recommit himself to Tiny, and they’ve been working on their relationship ever since. Luckily, Bernice has more important things to worry about these days!

HollywoodLifers, are you shocked by news that Bernice is going to be a grandma?!