Tay-K: Rapper Freed From Jail After Capital Murder Charges? — Rumor Has Fans Going Crazy

A shocking Facebook post has fans wondering if Tay-K was released from jail after probation violation and various murder charges. Could he really be free!?

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Image Credit: Courtesy of U.S. Marshal Service

An unauthorized Facebook page for rapper Tay-K, which boasts more than 63,000 followers, claims he has been freed from prison. The posts on the Tay-K 47 page started coming in on the evening of Dec. 13, when the rapper posted a photo of himself with the caption,”F*** the law, they finally let a n***a out on 5 years of probation.” He later added statuses that read, “F*** the cops” and “If I say I’m FREE then I’m FREE, Nobody needs to lie about being home from jail.” All signs point to Tay-K’s freedom, although there is no absolute confirmation that this Facebook account belongs to him. Fans are convinced his release is for real, though, and are flooding Twitter with messages about it.

Tay-K has an insane history with the law, and was doing time for murder charges. The 17-year-old’s trouble started when he was a member of rap group, the Daytona Boyz, and he was witness to a deadly shooting by one of his bandmates, Santana Sage. Tay-K was able to avoid charges in that case when his friend confessed. However, in July 2016, he was arrested on capital murder charges when he was part of an alleged robbery that left one person dead. Before his hearing, he was placed on house arrest, but escaped from his ankle monitor and ran away. He was caught in New Jersey in June 2017, but during his time on the run, he wrote and recorded his song, “The Race,” which is his biggest hit to date.

While fleeing from the cops, Tay-K also attacked a 65-year-old man in Texas. It was decided in Aug. 2017 that he would be tried as an adult, and the next month , more capital murder charges were brought against the teenager, linked to another incident when he was on the run. Tay-K was allegedly present for the shooting of a 23-year-old man outside a Chick-fil-A restaurant in April 2017.

However, despite all of this, the latest report is that he is no longer in jail. Check out fan reactions to his possible release here:




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