‘Angry Grandpa’: 5 Things To Know About The YouTube Star Who Sadly Died At 67

YouTube sensation Charles Green aka "Angry Grandpa" has passed away. Here's everything you need to know about the beloved star.

Charles Green
Image Credit: Courtesy of YouTube

“Angry Grandpa” tragically died on Dec. 10, according to The Heyman Hustle. He had been coping with a number of health issues for some time. His real name was Charles Green. He was just 67 at the time of the passing. To mark this sad loss and attempt to honor Mr. Green, we’ve compiled everything you need to know about him before he became a world-wide sensation. Here’s 5 things on “Angry Grandpa.”

1) Charles lived a full life long before he ever became “AGP.” He was originally from South Carolina. During his younger years, he adopted the hippy lifestyle and traveled around the country for a full year with some friends. Afterwards he had a number of professions including volunteer fireman, peanut salesman and apartment maintenance man. Head here to look back at all the celebrities we’ve lost in 2017.

2) He suffered from Bipolar Disorder, for which he took medication. When he began recorded videos as “Angry Grandpa,” he claims the experience turned his lifestyle around, prompting him to take better care of himself and lending him a sense of purpose.

3) The first “Angry Grandpa” arrived in 2007 and was an immediate success. Soon “The Angry Grandpa Show” was started, which had dozens of installments over the years. At the time of Charles’ passing, the channel boasted 3.4 million subscribers.

4) Charles had been battling a number of ailments including pneumonia, kidney stones and skin cancer in recent years. Thankfully the cancer went into remission but on July 4, 2017, he collapsed at his son’s 4th of July celebration. That’s when they discovered that he also had cirrhosis. He had been in and out of the hospital ever since before finally succumbing to the illness.

5) The “Angry Grandpa” channel released a clip on the day of his passing with a message for fans. “So earlier this year, Grandpa was diagnosed with cancer and he beat it, his son Michael explains. “And we were so happy… In July, he was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver, which we thought was early stage. And it turns out it was not early stage, it was end stage and I think he knew and didn’t want to tell us. He was diagnosed with cirrhosis and it has been a decline ever since. At the end of October, he went to the hospital and we went to say goodbye. Somehow he held on and he got out of the hospital and he went to rehab and we were able to have Thanksgiving with him and everything looked like it was going great and he got to come home. And that’s where he died. And I never wanted to make this video, but I wanna making it right now so I can say thank you…to all of you.”

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