‘L&HH: NY’ Recap — Mariahlynn Gets A Boob Job From Dr. Miami After Being Body Shamed

Time for a nip and tuck? Mariahlynn is ready to feel more confident than ever, so she goes to the best in the business for breast implants on the Dec. 11 episode of 'L&HH!'

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Mariahlynn shows off her lyrical prowess for Remy Ma at Chord Club studios on the juicy Dec. 11 episode of Love & Hip Hop: New York, titled “Slippin.” The rapper reveals she wants nothing more than to collaborate with Remy, someone “who has influenced” her so much musically. Remy gives her advice on how to be more accepted by fans as her career blossoms, explaining how she should be more herself instead of trying to be hard for others. “You should go sleek, actress, glamorous,” Remy suggests. Mariahlynn reveals she’s upset over the criticism against her body and she’s ready to go down to Miami for plastic surgery. “If I listen to what people said all day, I’d probably be curled up in a corner somewhere,” Remy says, noting how she’ll support the procedure as long as Mariahlynn only does it for her own happiness.

Meanwhile, Papoose is staying on his grind. “With everything going on in our lives, I’ve got to make time for my music too,” he says. Jaquae has the full package, so he’s elated about joining forces so they can drop some straight fire. Jaquae spills some tea while hanging out with his boy, revealing his relationship woes with Sophia Body. “She brought a dog to my crib from another man, James R,” Jaquae says. He also brings up her steamy video shoot and notes how Sophia knew taking on the gig would bother him. Papoose thinks if he’s being disrespected then it’s time to let it go and officially move on. “With me, it’s family first,” Papoose admits, opening up about his own issues. “I’m trying to find this doctor to do the IVF process with my wife,” he says. “It took a while for us to get on the same page.”

Sparks are flying between Rich Dollaz and his new love interest! “It’s been fun hanging out with Anais. She’s a wild chick, but that’s what I like about her,” he gushes. The two are canoodling in the car when her phone starts blowing up and Rich gets ticked. Anais reveals that things have been “shaky” with her hubby and she’s considering divorcing her longtime love since she doesn’t feel the same about him anymore. Rich explains how it’s ultimately her decision since they have kids together. “She needs to clean up that mess on her own,” he says in the confessional. The chemistry between them is off the charts, but we can only imagine how her husband is going to handle this drama — considering how she’s causing problems with Navarro‘s lady too.

Heartbreaks are never easy to handle. After his uncle’s funeral, Safaree is still grieving upon returning home to New York. “You can’t prepare for something like this to happen. It feels like I’m standing still,” Safaree says. “When you lose someone, that can sink you in a depression,” DJ Self adds. Safaree’s uncle was like a father to him, so his tragic passing is even more devastating, especially since he was murdered. “When I lost my mother ten years ago, it hit me very hard. I wished I spent more time with her,” DJ Self says, while advising Safaree to stay strong and keep going, since that would be the best way to honor his memory. Safaree decides that it’s the perfect time to drop some epic new jams and he’s not afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve.

Uh oh! There’s a major sisterly spat between Ayisha and her sister Ashley. Ayisha decides to pay Navarro a visit in the hopes of convincing him to fire Ashley, his girlfriend. That’s right! She doesn’t like how Ashley has been handling her business and figured the only way to fix this was to take her out of the situation entirely. “I can’t just walk up to my girl and say, hey you’re fired,” he explains. Elsewhere, DJ Self, Jaquae, Rich and Snoop decide to blow off some steam with a fun-filled game of pool and they’re all showing support to Jaquae after he calls it off with Sophia. Luckily, they convince him that there’s plenty of other fish in the sea! She’s not too concerned with Jaquae anyways, since her puppy shared with James eats a penny and needs some immediate medical attention. Luckily, James is willing to help!

Mariahlynn flies miles away to get her boobs done by the best in the business, Dr. Miami. “I just need the lift. I never want to have to wear a bra ever again in life,” she says. The rapper is sick and tired of being called out for her lack of curves by cruel fans, but even more so, she’s ready to feel more confident than ever post-split. Mariahlynn hilariously asks how long until her breasts can be sucked on and Dr. Miami suggests to avoid any funny business for at least a month. “We’re going to get you medical clearance. You’ve got to be perfectly healthy to go through this surgery,” he confirms. She even takes her friend’s comments to mind, noting: “I know Remy says I shouldn’t change my body, but I thought long and hard about it and I’m going to do what makes me happy.”

Remy Ma wants to touch bases with her beau about starting IVF after he voiced his excitement, but she’s wondering what the hold up is! “I sure haven’t heard anything about it,” Remy says. “I am committed to having this baby. With everything going on, I’ve asked Papoose to take care of the doctor,” she explains. Papoose reveals that he wants to make sure she’s 100 percent ready to start the process, so he’s upset that she called him out for not getting the ball rolling already. “You’re trying to say that because I’m doing all this other stuff, I don’t want to get IVF?” she asks. Remy reveals she’s still heartbroken over her miscarriage after their wedding, especially since the doctor said she couldn’t have kids anymore. If we know anything about these two, it’s that they don’t give up easily, so we’re hoping for the best!

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