‘L&HH: NY’ Recap — Jaquae Livid After Hearing About GF Sophia Body’s Steamy Video Shoot

Relationships and friendships are put to the test on the Nov. 20 episode of 'L&HH: NY.' Sophia Body's red-hot video shoot with James R. is no longer a secret and Jaquae can't believe he's getting 'played' by his GF!

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Yandy and her locked-up hubby Mendeecees are still working out their marital issues on the epic Nov. 20 episode of Love & Hip Hop: New York, titled “Reckless.” It’s especially tense between them after his mother Judy gets involved, since she called him to spill all the tea about Yandy’s “sexy” video shoot with her client. It looks like Yandy won’t be rubbing any more lotion on her artists! The reality star defends herself, but also apologizes for upsetting her man, which inspires him to do the same — since they want to have a relationship built on trust. “If she’s being very extra i’ll definitely have a conversation with her,” Mendeeces concludes. He asks her not to go “too crazy” on his mom, but she’s not going to hold back when the tables turn! See pics from season 8 of L&HH: NY, right here.

Juju couldn’t be more pumped to catch up with her pal. “I am so glad that Lil Mo is back in New York. Every time we get together it’s a turn up,” she admits. “The baby is two now,” Lil’ Mo confesses. “Hannah is 15. Justin is 8. You can give me some damn insight. I’m this close to seeing a shrink.” She opens up about her hubby’s alleged mistress and she wants to know the truth now that her son brought it to her attention. That’s right: he found all of the dirty details on the Internet. “I know she loves Karl with all of her heart, but her son seeing stories that her husband is cheating, this needs to be addressed head on,” Juju proclaimed. Karl is ready to get back in the ring, but in order to get his head right, he might have to take a lie detector test for his wife!

Rekindling a romance? Not so fast. Marialynn is still livid with her former flame James R., especially after he got cozy with his new video vixen. “When Lame R hit me up to meet up, I said yes because I know the perfect Utopian setting,” she admits, bringing him to a park. “You’re used to being around birds, there’s Sophia [Body] right there. Birds of a feather flock together.” James admits that he still has feelings for her, but Mariahlynn thinks her ex-man want to have his cake and eat it too since he’s causing her to “get physical” with another woman. “I thought we were building something special. He’s all about excuses and defending that thot pocket,” she yells before storming off! James later reveals he’s going to go for Sophia…

Yandy gives Judy a taste of her own medicine! “I decided to take matters into my own hands. I did some research: Facebook, Instagram, and she’s seeing some little young thing that doesn’t look like her husband to me,” she says in her confessional. “These photos of Judy are scandalous honey. The last time I checked she was married to Kenny for 18 years.” Crazy enough, she was sharing pics getting cozy with her rumored new beau and Yandy was beyond ready to find out exactly what’s going on. When Yandy pops up on her dinner date, Judy claims she’s been divorced for six years, but her new boy-toy seems to be unfazed — what?! “I hope this will force Judy to stay out of my relationship,” she says. “You come for mine, I’m going to come for yours!”

Sophia’s relationship with Jaquae is getting more serious, but he doesn’t know about her recent gig! “My boyfriend thinks I quit my video vixen career and it’s so embarrassing I got involved in all of that drama,” she says. Sophia tells him that her DJ career is the top priority at this point and he’s smitten. “I really like this girl, so I’m introducing her to my boy,” he gushes. Brittney Taylor is so glad to see her friend Jaquae “happy,” especially because she already formed a strong bond with Sophia. But when he walks off, Sophia tells Brittney the truth. “I did a favor for this guy James and Mariahlynn pops in and she starts yelling at James,” Sophia says. “She attacked me.” Brittney steers clear of Mariahlynn because she’s friends with her rival Bianca.

Anais decides to meet up with her former friend Jonathan because of her friend Bella, even though she thinks he’s gone totally Hollywood. However, he feels exactly the same about her. “Anais and I go way back, then she became a huge superstar. She was damn near my sister, but that girl is another person now,” he says during his confessional. “She was mean and nasty to her fans. That’s who she was. Anais is projecting that on me.” Things quickly go from zero to 100 real quick and the two get in a screaming match. They both call each other “hypocrites” and Anais reveals that Jonathan is officially dead to her — so sad! Jonathan bids himself adieu and walks off.

It’s recording time! DJ Self, Snoop, Grafh and Jaquae are catching up at the “Gwinin Cave,” since they all love to throw on some tracks and freestyle with the homies. After finding out what happened between Sophia and James, Grafh decides to tell Jaquae about his girlfriend’s gig with James. “She has to be checked. It seems like the energy she was giving off might not have been right. I wasn’t there,” he admits, noting that it sounds like, “She was with the sh*t.” Grafh continues, “He’s kicking it with her and there’s bedroom scenes…All I know is that Mariah came to the video and smacked Sophia in the face!” It’s obvious Jaquae is hurt about the news and is hoping to fix this ASAP.

After hearing about her grandmother’s deteriorating heath, Bri sets up a meeting with Sophia and DreamDoll, which doesn’t go so well. “Sophia the thotty is your friend,” Dream says after finding out. “OMG. I can’t believe Safaree Samuels‘ ex Sophia just walked through the door. The second this b*tch tries me, it’s going down.” Sophia thought she was showing up to talk about something very serious, clearly NOT here for the drama either. “This is not about you guys right now,” Bri fires back when they end up in a fight! “I ask them to come here for moral support and I get a smoothie thrown at me. I’m going through mad sh*t and I’m getting drinks thrown at my face.”

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