‘L&HH: NY’ Recap — Mariahlynn Attacks Sophia Body After She Gets Cozy With Her Man

The claws are out! Tension between the ladies is at an all-time high during the Nov. 13 episode of 'Love & Hip Hop: New York.' Mariahlynn catches James R. getting flirty with his co-star and she pops off!

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Lil’ Mo is here and she’s ready to make a splash in the reality television world while appearing on the dramatic Nov. 13 episode of Love & Hip Hop: New York, titled “Bodied.” Fans were crowding around while seeing her perform an incredible show at the park. “Recently I’ve taken a big move with my husband Karl. Being in New York is the best place I can be to get my music on track. This is where I started and it’s where I need to be again,” she admits. Remy Ma and Papoose show up shortly after and it’s like no time had passed, since she’s known Remy for 10 years. “Now that I’m stable and have a husband, I want to have a house where we can mark the wall,” Remy admits while talking about her career and home life. However, she doesn’t let Papoose get carried away. Lil’ Mo then addresses her hubby’s cheating scandal and reveals, “I tried to ignore the rumors, but it did hurt me a bit.”

Ladies unite! “Working along DreamDoll with her personality is a walk in the park,” Mariahlynn says, while noting how they’re both signed artists to record label Gwinin Entertainment. “I’m trying to be more nice,” Mariahlynn admits, while opening up about her hopes for the future after failed past experiences. The rapper then dishes about her drama with her new beau James R. “The little boo got the mic from me and DJ Self cut his microphone off. I’ve never had a man do that to me,” she says. Mariahlynn is livid that he was trying to steal her spotlight, but “it’s hard to walk away,” she says, noting how she’ll give him one last chance to clean up his act.

Anais is tired of being treated like a side chick. “I get ambushed by my manager’s girlfriend, I’m mad at Navarro and Ashley over this situation.” They’re still at odds, since Navarro’s lady feels like Anais is way over stepping her boundaries, while Anais feels like she’s not at fault. “That’s my wifey,” he fires back, when she tells him to make Ashley back off. Anais breaks down in tears since she feels like her character is being disrespected in the industry. “Ashley says that I treat you inappropriate,” she yells. “Let that b*tch know I’m your wife at work.” Despite it all, she’s trying to stay strong, revealing: “When I started in this business, I was a teenager. I got robbed from my manager, labels…and it took a lot for me to get my life back together.”

Step aside ladies, because Sophia Body is coming for the throne. She wants to follow her passion of being a DJ, and she’s doing whatever she can to get more involved with music. Sophia is ready to shed her sex kitten image for a more entrepreneurial vibe. “I used to be one of the baddest video girls in the game,” she admits. “I’m a lot more than a pretty face and a smoking hot body. I actually stopped doing music videos.” The bombshell enjoys some alone time with Mariahlynn’s boo, but we all know — three’s a crowd. Even though Sophia is in a relationship with Jaquae, he’s not giving up. “You know James is going to go above and beyond to get what he wants,” he admits. “Mariahlynn’s not adding up to what she’s supposed to add up to.” Yikes!

Remy has so much on her plate and she’s excited to catch up with her girl Juju aka Juliet. “We’re ready to embark on this IVF venture,” Remy says, but JuJu notes how there could potentially be a long road ahead of her…especially if there’s any problems. JuJu then opens up about her own struggles while trying to conceive. “I felt like something was wrong with me,” Juju says. “He has a son, why can’t I have a baby with him?” Remy shows her support, while JuJu breaks down in tears while talking about her experiences. “I made my husband Papoose a promise,” Remy admits. “I’m going to start IVF, but I’m not sure what’s going to happen if there’s complications.”

Elsewhere, it’s been a tough few months for Lil’ Mo and her man. “I’m honestly praying deep and hard that everything goes well,” she says. “I know you have to get in the ring and I have to go and sing.” Karl is just as motivated to take their lifestyle to the next level. “Me and Lil Mo have been dying to get back to work and get this paper. She’s excited for me to get in the ring and I’m excited for her to get in the booth,” Karl says during his confessional. “I’ll support you to the fullest and I know you support me to the fullest,” he says, while sweetly grabbing Lil Mo to kiss her on the cheek. However, it’s obvious trust issues are still affecting them, especially when her young son asks about daddy cheating on mommy, since he found all about it on the Internet.

Brittney Taylor is staying on her grind and she’s ready to focus on getting that coin. “I’ve been doing a lot lately, working on my EP and dealing with drama from Bianca,” she admits while catching up with her pals, including DJ Self. “My girl DreamDoll has been my friends for years now,” Brittney also adds. “I’m so proud of her.” The ladies share a mutual dislike for Bianca, especially after her tense altercation with DreamDoll. “I never had beef with Bianca and she’s going to come to my event and disrespect me like that,” DreamDoll admits. “We have a problem now.” Brittney addresses how Bianca previously threw a shoe at her and her blood is still boiling. “If we happen to cross each other in the street, I’m probably going to punch her in the face.”

The tension between Anais and Ashley reaches a boiling point while they sit down for an extremely awkward meetup with Navarro. Anais gets ticked since she feels like Ashley is ignoring her and playing with her nails. “I did not mean to act like that to you and I mean that from the bottom of my heart,” Ashey responds. She tells Anais to stop sending naked pictures to him, but Anais claims he’s going to see it anyways. “I’m not sending pictures to seduce him,” she says, explaining how it’s only business. Uh huh… “I really think I misread the situation,” Ashley surprisingly concludes. Navarro is relieved the women made up, but he’s not sure how long their truce is going to last.

Drum roll…it’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for. James is flirting with his sexy co-star Sophia while at his music video shoot for “Bah Gurl,” and he claims their on-screen chemistry was more than acting. Things quickly go from zero to 100 when Mariahlynn drops in and catches him by surprise. She wanted to support her beau at his gig, but she’s livid to find a “thot trying to be me.” Sophia claims that James said they split, since he previously said he was single. However, Mariahlynn’s not buying her story and asks: “You knew that he was with me right?” When Sophia fires back and says “Let me talk,” Mariahlynn lunges towards her. She then sings a wild rendition of our fave nursery song, ending with: “b*tch got punched right in her eye!”

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