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Bella Thorne Livid Over Cyntoia Brown’s Prison Sentence: ‘I F***ing Hate Our System’

Bella Thorne is joining Rihanna and Kim Kardashian as one of the celebrities outraged by Cyntoia Brown's life sentence. Bella spoke out about it on Twitter, slamming the government for 'wronging' her. See her tweet here.

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Bella Thorne
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“I f**king hate our system. I feel so wrecked about this. I’m so so sorry for everyone wronged by our government,” Bella Thorne, 20, tweeted on November 21, sharing the photo and message circulating from the documentary about Cyntoia Brown. Cyntoia, now 28, was just a 16-year-old victim of sex trafficking when she killed one of her abusers, and instead of receiving support, she was sentenced to life in prison. Celebrities like Bella are using their platforms to raise awareness of Cyntoia’s case and using their connections to hopefully help get her conviction overturned. Considering Bella has a massive following on social media, more and more people are learning about this case that’s truly sickening the actress.

Cyntoia shot and killed Johnny Allen, 43, in 2004, after he solicited the minor for sex and brought her back to his home. They were in bed at the time, and Cyntoia told the court during her 2006 trial that she feared for her life. Cyntoia was forced into child prostitution by a violent boyfriend who used and abused her to make money. Johnny was just one of the men who abused her, and she was only 16. Despite the horrific circumstances that Cyntoia was forced into, and the fact that children and teens cannot consent to sex with an adult (never mind be charged as prostitutes), the court found her guilty of first-degree murder and sentenced her to life in prison with eligibility for parole when she turns 69 years old. Prosecutors argued that she killed him to rob him, as she left the scene with his wallet and gun.

Rihanna, 28, is one of the first celebrities to step up and share Cyntoia’s tragic story. She called for justice for the woman who was a victim of a child predator who just wanted to live. Kim Kardashian, 37, was also outraged by Cyntoia’s sentencing. Kim has vowed to get her attorneys to help her, and isn’t going to rest until she’s free, a source told EXCLUSIVELY. We hope she’s able to make that happen.

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