Clinton Kelly & Stacy London: ‘What Not To Wear’ Co-Stars Are Totally Feuding & We’re Devastated

Clinton Kelly and Stacy London of 'What Not To Wear' apparently aren't talking to each other anymore! Clinton discovered the hard way that Stacy blocked him on Twitter. What happened to this dynamic duo?

Clinton Kelly & Stacy London
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Clinton Kelly and Stacy London spent 10 years together as the cohosts of What Not To Wear, the iconic makeover show. Four years after the show ended, they’re on different paths in life. Clinton is one of the hosts of The Chew, and Stacy hosts Love, Lust or Run. We were under the assumption, though, that they remained thick as thieves. Turns out, we, along with other What Not To Wear fans, had no idea what was going on behind the scenes.

Clinton tweeted out a screenshot on November 15 that showed his view of Stacy’s Twitter profile. She blocked him! He captioned the screenshot “Allll righty then.” It appears that Clinton is just as surprised as the rest of us that Stacy won’t let him see any of his tweets. What is going on here? Clinton doesn’t seem too worked up about it, though. When a fan asked him for the dirty details, he tweeted, “The tea is old. And I never spill tea unless I’m shook, which I’m not,” along with a winking emoji. We’re curious to know Stacy’s side of things. What’s the old tea??

Clinton has spoken about his tense relationship with Stacy in the past. He likened their friendship during their years on What Not To Wear to “being like a brother and sister who have been trapped in the backseat of a car” in a January profile with Austin-American Statesman, and confessed that they hadn’t spoken in years. But it wasn’t because they had bad blood. “We spent so much time together for 10 years,” he said. “It was funny in the beginning when we completed each other’s sentences. It got to be like, ‘OK, we need a break from each other.’”

The interview with the Statesman was to promote his memoir, I Hate Everyone, Except You. He confirmed that a decent chunk of the book described life during What Not To Wear, including it being “emotionally difficult.” He clarified in an interview with Connecticut Post soon after that he didn’t write anything inappropriate or mean about Stacy.

“We loved each other and despised each other, and if she were writing a book, I expect she would say exactly what she thought about me too. And it would be fine,” Clinton said. Is it possible that something he wrote still rubbed Stacy the wrong way? It’s one thing to lose touch with an old friend. It’s another to block them on social media!

HollywoodLifers, are you shocked that Clinton and Stacy apparently aren’t friends anymore? What do you think happened between them? Let us know!

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