Taylor Swift Confirms Baby’s Voice In ‘Gorgeous’ Is Blake Lively’s Daughter — So Cute

There's a third star in the Lively-Reynolds family! Taylor Swift revealed what fans suspected, that the cute baby babbling at the beginning of "Gorgeous" is actually James Reynolds! See the proof!

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A star is born! We knew that Taylor Swift‘s already legendary new album, Reputation, was going to include some juicy revelations about her personal lives and relationships — and the identity of that precious baby in the “Gorgeous intro. Taylor credited James Reynolds, the eldest daughter of bestie Blake Lively and her husband, Ryan Reynolds, in the liner notes of Reputation as “baby intro voice.” Yes, the little one already has a writing credit on a Taylor Swift album at two years old!

Swifties claimed that Taylor told them as much during one of her Reputation “secret sessions,” but it was never confirmed until Reputation dropped on November 10. There were also other indications that James guest starred on “Gorgeous.” Eagle-eyed fans pointed out that both Ryan and Blake liked Taylor’s Instagram post previewing the song! Sure, Taylor and Blake are besties, so they could have just been being supportive of her new music. But fans were right all along!

The story goes, as one of the Swifties claimed on Twitter, that “Taylor was with Blake and Ryan at the beach and was playing gorgeous for them on her guitar, and then their daughter, James, kept saying ‘gorgeous’ over and over .. so Taylor was like, ‘could i use that?’ and the intro was born.” Wow! We have a feeling this could have been during their 2016 Fourth of July trip to Rhode Island, when Taylor was still dating Tom Hiddleston. Taylor and Tom didn’t work out, but she got “Gorgeous” out of the deal! So, when is Blake and Ryan’s baby, Inez Reynolds, getting her chance to shine? For more on Reputation, check out the HL podcast!

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