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‘The Mane Event’: Keyshia Gets Angry When Asked About Having 3 Secret Kids

This week's episode of 'The Mane Event' was the most dramatic one yet! Keyshia fired her wedding planner, broke up fights with her bridesmaids, struggled with a prenup decision, and she addressed those pesky secret children reports!

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Keyshia Ka'oir & Gucci Mane
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When we left off last week on The Mane Event, Keyshia’s bridesmaids were fighting, at her luncheon, over who would plan her bachelorette party. Erica, her best friend and business partner, and Amina were the only two people who showed up. And, FYI, they don’t get along. And, things got even more heated because they’re both in the running to be Keyshia’s maid of honor. Long story short, Erica wanted to plan a calm trip and Amina wanted to turn up with strippers.

Amina took it to the next level when she said that Erica has never been supportive of Keyshia and Gucci’s relationship. After the luncheon, some time passed. Then Keyshia asked Amina to meet her to squash everything. While that meeting was going down, Erica went and secretly met with Keyshia’s mom. Erica vented to “mom” about the fight about implied that Amina wants to be in competition with her. And, low and behold, Amina said the same thing to Keyshia. Amina also said that Erica doesn’t understand the “wopsters’ because she hasn’t been there from day one. In the end, Keyshia told Amina that she had to cut it out and make up with everyone to squash everything.

Finally it was time for Keyshia’s wedding walk-through with her planner, Cathy Romero. They were going to scout wedding venues, and their firs top was the Intercontinental. But, Keyshia didn’t seen to be sold on the venue. She wasn’t a fan of the food or the space, and the disappointment was written all over her face. At the end of the visit, she told her wedding planner that she had a lot to do. Then, Keyshia got extremely pissed when Cathy said she Keyshia had to scout wedding venues on her own because Cathy had to leave town. “If I need you to stay, you’re going to stay. I will fire you on the spot.” Keyshia warned Cathy. When Keyshia got up to leave, Cathy said, “I’m out.” So, does Keyshia not have a wedding planner? — Oh wait, she cleared it up after the commercial break and Cathy’s officially fired. At this point, Keyshia had no dress, no wedding planner and two feuding brides, and the wedding was in just a few weeks.

Then, Erica decided to “step out of her comfort zone” to bond with Keyshia. Erica took Keyshia to the sex store. While looking at sex toys, Erica decided to open up more and accept the lingerie-themed bachelorette party. So, hopefully the beef is squashed with Amina.

Later in the episode, Keyshia did an interview with Miami’s hit radio station, 99 Jams. Although she and Gucci are very private, Keyshia decided to do the interview to silence the false reports about them. Things got interesting when the host asked if she and Gucci were going to get a prenup. He brought up how when Gucci was locked up, he gave Keyshia $2 million and she successfully flipped it to $6 million. Keyshia handled things well and said that she and Gucci both do well, and that when he was locked up, she handled his finances.

And, the tension continued to escalate, when the host asked if she had three children in Jamaica that no one knew about; which have been the reports for quite some time. After she denied that report, Keyshia made it clear that she liked to be private. But, the host kept pressing, when he asked if Gucci was the only one who had children. “Children are off limits. The internet is gruesome,” she said.

Finally it was time for Gucci to come home. He had two days off so he flew home to see Keyshia. Before he got home, she had her mother and grandmother come over to help her cook him a Jamaican feast. Keyshia opened up to her family about how everyone’s been telling her to get a prenup. Her mother suggested that she and Gucci get a prenup; and, so did her financial planner when she went to meet him the next day.

After she stressed like crazy, Keyshia decided to make the final decision by talking to her best friend, Monica Brown. Monica helped her release that she and Gucci have something real. Therefore Keyshia decided not to get one. However, the real stressor in her life wasn’t the prenup; it was the rumors that she had three kids in Jamaica.

When she opened up to Monica about it, Keyshia said that she and Gucci have kids. Wait, what? — Did she say she and Gucci have children… together? And, that’s where it ended! So, hopefully we get more insight into their life as parents next week!

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