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Keyshia Ka’oir & Gucci Mane: She Plans The Wedding Alone & Her Bridesmaids Have Vicious Fight

Trouble in paradise, already? — That's the case for Keyshia's bridesmaids on this week's 'The Mane Event'! When Gucci tours, she's left to plan the wedding alone. And, her BFFs add extra stress when they viciously fight!

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Gucci Mane, 37, and Keyshia Ka’oir, 32, are married! As you may know, the pair tied the knot in Miami on Oct. 17, and we watched it all go down during their BET special! But, it’s time to travel back to the planning stages and the many heartfelt, yet dramatic moments leading up to The Mane Event. In a 10-week special, we’ll see how Gucci and Keyshia prepared for their special day! This week’s episode opens with Keyshia gushing about how sweet life is after Gucci’s prison release; he’s got an album coming out and they’re on top of the world. And, Gucci’s not the only one killing it. Keyshia’s businesses are booming and she’s about to slay the red carpet at the BET Awards.

In the meantime, the official countdown is 12 weeks until the wedding. So, while Gucci and Keyshia are juggling their upcoming nuptials, they’re also juggling their careers. Not to mention, they’re preparing for BET Awards appearance. While Keyshia’s getting ready for the show, where Gucci’s set to perform, her bridesmaid, Amina shows up. Keyshia explains that Amina has been part of her and Gucci’s journey since she helped bring them together. And, Amina and Gucci were best friends before Keyshia even met him.

Finally it’s time for the BET Awards. And, the pressure is on a bit since it is one of Gucci’s first appearances out of prison and it’s his time to prove he’s back and better than ever. And, he kills it! Then, Gucci jetts off on a European tour, so it’s time for Keyshia to get into wedding planning mode.

She heads to Charbel Zoe, her wedding dress designer’s LA store to check out sketches of her wedding dress. Oh, and Zoe has designed for Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez to name a few. As you may know from the first episode, Keyshia wanted jewels and crystals and an over-the-top look; she’s admittedly extra. So, she meets her good friend, rapper, Trina at her fitting. And, surprise! — Keyshia asks Trina to be her bridesmaid!

While the fitting starts out on a pleasant note, Keyshia ends up being a little ticked that Charnel Zoe isn’t there in person to see her, especially since she flew to LA for the fitting. Then, Keyshia hates all of the designs he has sketched for her. So, to be continued on that…

Next up on the planning list — Hire a wedding planner! While Gucci’s on tour, Keyshia’s got to plan the entire wedding on her own basically, so she calls on celeb wedding planner to the stars, Cathy Romero. However, Keyshia, being the fierce business woman that she is, meets with Cathy to test the waters to see if she can handle the job at hand. “This might be the biggest job you’ve ever had, if I hire you,” Keyshia tells Cathy. So, after that, you know it’s about to be an interesting meeting. Keyshia throws the most challenging and over-the-top ideas at Cathy, who remains cool, calm and collected. We can’t wait to see how this plays out.

Then, things take an emotional turn. Keyshia and her mother, who are very close, have a sweet moment together. Keyshia explains how she and Gucci used to write letters to one another every day. Keyshia also reveals that her mother encouraged her to stick by Gucci’s side when he was in prison.

And, that doses’t last long. In the last scene of the episode, Keyshia plans a girls luncheon with all of her bridesmaids. However, when Erica [her best friend and business partner] and Amina only show up, things gwt heated. FYI, Erica and Amina have never meshed well together and they don’t really like each other. So, they fighht over who would plan the bachelorette party, since they’re both in the running for Keshia’s maid of honor. Long story short, Erica wants to plan a calm trip and Amina wants to turn up with strippers. We’ll have to see how this one plays out when The Mane Event is all new next week on BET!

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