Kathy Griffin Shares Lovely Portrait Erik Menendez Made Her In Prison On Kim K’s Snapchat

Kathy Griffin showed off a portrait of herself on Kim Kardashian's Snapchat on Sept. 30. The news? Oh yeah, Erik Menendez, one of the notorious brothers who murdered their parents, made it for her in prison.

Kathy Griffin Kim Kardashian
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Kathy Griffin, 56, wanted to share her beautiful new present with the world on Sept. 30, so Kim Kardashian, 36, helped her do it. The comedian and reality TV star took to Kim’s Snapchat to show of Kathy’s gift, a masterpiece created in her likeness — by a murderer. Really. So who painted the portrait of the fiery red head? Why one of the Menendez brothers, of course. Yeah, no it is super bizarre. But Kathy seemed thrilled while flaunting the painting Erik Menendez, 46, made for her in prison. To each their own we guess?

“Alright guys, I’m here with my neighbor – ” Kim said to her followers in the Snapchat video. “Kathy Griffin,” the comedian interrupted. “I have short hair, it’s a long story. And a painting done by — what were we watching the other night?” “The Menendez [brothers] special,” the mother of two said, zooming in on Erik’s signature on the painting. “Look who painted this for her.” “From prison, yeah,” Kathy said. Wow. Click here to see pics of the Menendez brothers.

Kim and Kathy even had some extra fun by using a silly Snapchat filter on both themselves and the portrait of Kathy. But, as cute as the whole thing was, it still wasn’t enough to take away from the weirdness factor of Kathy receiving a portrait from a man who murdered his parents in cold blood with his brother Lyle Menendez, 49, over 20 years ago. The two shot and killed their mother and father inside their Beverly Hills mansion in 1989. Their story has since been featured in specials and now is the focus of a Law & Order True Crime series.

Kathy Griffin Kim Kardashian
Courtesy of Instagram
Kathy Griffin
Courtesy of Instagram

HollywoodLifers, what do you think of the portrait that Erik made of Kathy? Is it creepy or flattering? Let us know below!

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