‘Teen Wolf’ Recap: Jackson & Ethan Return To Beacon Hills — As A Couple

Jackson and Ethan are back! The two fan faves -- now a couple -- make their way back to Beacon Hills, just as Scott and Malia try to rally an army to take down Gerard.

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Guess who’s back? Ethan! Well, he’s technically in London and trying to get a hold of his boyfriend (!) on their anniversary. Two hunters bust through Ethan’s door and shoot him with an arrow. They ask him for names of other werewolves in London. Ethan’s boyfriend is none other than Jackson! YASSS! Jackson manages to free himself of the restraints after the hunters try and fail to subdue him with wolfsbane. Jackson takes care of the two hunters, but destroys Ethan’s apartment in the process. They share a PASSIONATE kiss before they tie up the hunters. Jackson starts asking about who the hunters are working for and realizes it’s Gerard. Jackson and Ethan know he must be back in Beacon Hills planning something big. I sense a field trip!

Meanwhile, Scott is at the hospital. Melissa’s been shot and goes into emergency surgery. Malia sits by Scott’s side and holds his hand during this devastating moment. Melissa makes it out of surgery and begs Scott to listen to her. “Don’t run,” she says. “You fight.” Scott’s dad, Mason, and Lydia were also shot, but they’re going to be just fine. Scott is officially tired of playing nice. He’s ready to build his army and fight back.

Stilinksi heads to the station and interrogates Monroe. He wants Gerard in handcuffs. He tries to get Monroe to crack, but nothing works. She turns the tables on Stilinski and calls him “ineffective.” YIKES. Later, Monroe takes over the station after getting the rest of Stilinski’s deputies on her side. Stilinski is forced to leave.

Finding Allies

Decaulion is back in Beacon Hills! Scott and Malia want his help, but he swears his fighting days are over. However, he does offer some advice: “Lower your standards for allies.” Easier said than done, Deucalion. Despite both his mom and dad being injured, Scott is handling everything pretty darn well, Liam, on the other hand, is not. He confronts Gabe about Mason and the others who were shot. Liam nearly kills Gabe, but Theo shows up just in the knick of time. He warns Liam that killing someone isn’t easy. There are a lot of variables involved. Liam starts to question why Theo is helping him and wonders whether Theo is just doing this just to get into Scott’s pack. Theo just wants to stay alive, that’s all. (Or is it?)

Liam and Theo do team up to find out what Gabe knows. There are these “other bodies” that have been stuffed in an ice box. Gabe admits the hunters tested to see if they were werewolves, but he swears they didn’t kill them. Theo brings up a good point that the Anuk-Ite may be looking for its other half, which has to be supernatural. Gabe notes that Aaron has been leading this crusade. Theo and Liam put two and two together: Aaron is the Anuk-Ite!

The Other Half

Lydia, still recovering from her gunshot wound, wakes up in a frozen version of the hospital. She walks into the morgue and finds one of the cases glowing. She opens it. Lydia, you are brave AF.

Scott and Malia go meet Peter to ask him for help. This isn’t going to be easy. He wants to know what’s in it for him. He’s living the life after escaping the Wild Hunt. He uses a hunter as an example of why Scott needs to get violent, something Scott has been trying to avoid. Scott doesn’t have time for Peter’s mind games. Malia tries to get through to her dad by showing him the faceless corpse version of the Anuk-Ite. Peter gets seriously spooked.

Scott and Malia find more bodies like the ones Liam and Theon found. Lydia suddenly shows up out of nowhere. She says Halwyn, the dead hellhound, led her there. He apparently sent Lydia to find the Anuk-Ite’s other face. Malia, Scott, and Lydia find it in the woods. Now they just need to find Aaron’s other half before the two halves merge.

Welcome Back, Boys

Peter returns to help Scott and Malia after the hunters destroy both of his NICE cars. But that’s not the real reason he’s come back. Even though he’d never admit it, Peter knows about Malia’s feelings for Scott and doesn’t want to see her get hurt. “Don’t fall in love with a dead man,” Peter warns Malia. “Too late,” she replies. MALIA IS IN LOVE WITH SCOTT. I REPEAT, MALIA IS IN LOVE WITH SCOTT!

Jackson and Ethan make their way to Beacon Hills and head straight to the high school to find Scott. Unfortunately, they run right into Monroe. She knows exactly who Jackson Whittemore is. She has the two hotties tied up and electrocutes them over and over again to get them to talk about Scott. They don’t budge, so they keep feeling the pain. How long before someone from Scott’s pack rescues them?!

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