‘Teen Wolf’ Recap: Scott & Malia Kiss — Plus, Someone’s Life Is Left On The Line

Scalia finally happened! Scott and Malia locked lips on the Sept. 3 episode of 'Teen Wolf.' Despite this epic moment, one character's life is in serious jeopardy -- and may be dead!

Aaron and Gabe have taken over the school trying to identify supernaturals. Every single student gets sliced on their hand to find out if they heal or not. The next kid they target is a coyote named Edgar. But Aaron has something else in mind for Edgar. He’s looking for “someone who can do more than just shift.” Remember, Aaron is the one who was attacked by all those spiders. Suddenly, one of the spiders crawls from Aaron to Edgar.

Meanwhile, Scott’s dad interrogates Nolan with Monroe in the room. Nolan is 50 shades of nervous. Monroe knows he’s about to crack. All Agent McCall wants to know is where Jiang and Tierney are. Nolan is allowed to leave and finds Edgar on the floor in the locker room. Hundreds, if not thousands, of spiders start to move underneath Edgar’s skin and crawl out. Serious question: WHERE DO ALL THOSE SPIDERS GO?! Monroe orders Nolan and Gabe to put Edgar out of his misery. Gabe doesn’t hesitate to strangle Edgar. Later, Nolan figures out Scott and the pack didn’t actually leave town. Mason lures Nolan to the zoo.

This week, Liam and Theo are working together to lure the hunters to the zoo. Nolan calls for backup and worries they don’t have enough men to take on Scott’s pack. Theo decides to take action and fake the hunters out by punching Liam in the face. Naturally, this turns into a fight. Liam ends up breaking Theo’s nose three times. You can tell Cody Christian and Dylan Sprayberry are having so much fun working together in this scene.

Theo’s plan to lure more hunters works. Gerard and more hunters arrive. Even though they’re plan is over, Liam just can’t leave. He’s got so much rage. Meanwhile, Scott, Malia, Argent, and Lydia are trying to infiltrate Gerard’s headquarters. They manage to get inside and all the guns are gone. Scott realizes Gerard knew they were coming. Gerard is at the zoo to kill Liam. He’s determined to kill Scott’s beta. If Scott falls, the whole pack will fall.

Scott gets trapped with Malia and finds out Jiang and Tierney are dead. Argent warns Scott and Malia not to trip the sensors. Scott and Malia find themselves in an compromising position. It’s a little awkward. Just kiss already, guys! Malia nearly finds them a way out, but she accidentally sets off the sensors. They suddenly can’t breathe.

Meanwhile, Liam starts dreaming of a dead Brett. He wakes up and Nolan is there with a crossbow in his hand. Monroe has ordered Nolan to kill Liam, but he just can’t do it. Liam pushes Nolan up against the wall, but he just can’t hurt Nolan. Liam is just about to completely lose it when Theo punches him out and tells Nolan to run.

A group of hunters begin to close in on Scott and Malia. Argent comes in to save them, kicking ass and taking names with Lydia. But will it be too late? Malia tells Scott she doesn’t want to die. She hasn’t even lived yet. “There’s still too many things I want to do,” she says while fighting to breathe. Thankfully, Lydia makes sure Malia gets the chance to try all those things. Lydia breaks down the door with her screams.

While driving Liam home, Theo admits he knocked the beta out 5 times. He wants Liam to admit that what came out of the Wild Hunt is affecting him. Liam gets angry when he’s afraid. That’s what this fear is doing to him. Theo advises Liam that he needs to get control of his anger before he kills someone.

Back at his place, Malia and Scott finally give in to their feelings in kiss! It’s about freaking time! Their first kiss is both hot and very sweet. SCALIA FOREVER!

Before Scott, Malia, Lydia, and Argent left Gerard’s headquarters, they took Gerard’s map. The map is of all the nemetons around the world. Gerard is planning to kill every supernatural being in the world. Papa McCall comes to Scott’s house to warn them about the guns missing from Gerard’s headquarters. Gerard has armed his army. Suddenly, gunfire erupts. Scott, Malia, Lydia, Melissa, Argent, Liam, and Papa McCall fall to the floor. When the gunshots stop, someone is lying on the floor in a pool of their own blood. OMG, who is more than likely dead?!

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