Laci Peterson’s Mother Reveals That Scott Never Wanted To Feel His Baby Son In Wife’s Belly

How awful! Convicted killer Scott Peterson allegedly showed how completely uninterested he was in becoming a dad with wife Laci, as her mom says he refused to even feel their baby son kick inside his mother's belly.

Whoa, there were definitely some red flags that Scott Peterson, 44, wasn’t all that thrilled about becoming a first time dad with wife Laci, then 27. Her shocking disappearance on Christmas Eve of 2002 while eight months pregnant attracted nationwide attention and four months later her body and that of her unborn son Conner washed up in the San Francisco Bay within a day of each other. Scott was later convicted of their murders and sentenced to death, and now her mom Sharon Rocha, 65, is recalling how he was never interested in feeling his baby kick inside Laci’s belly and coldly showed little interest in his unborn child.

On the Sept. 14 ABC special Truth and Lies: The Murder of Laci Peterson Sharon goes into detail about a night where Laci made the heartbreaking revelation that Scott hated touching her pregnant belly. She says that she and her husband had gone over to Scott and Laci’s Modesto, CA home on Sept. 15, 2002 to watch the season finale of HBO’s The Sopranos as a family. Afterwards, mother and daughter headed off to the baby’s nursery and Laci said how her son was kicking and Sharon put her hand on her belly to feel the joyous moment. Laci sadly confided about Scott that “He takes his hand away if he can’t feel it right away,” about the baby and that he was right there to hear the comment and didn’t bother to say she was wrong. “I saw the hurt in her eyes,” Sharon said. “She looked so sad.” See pics of Scott and Laci Peterson here.

Sharon made similar claims in her 2005 memoir For Laci: A Mother’s Story of Love, Loss, and Justice. In the book, she said her daughter told her that Scott had no interest in touching her growing baby belly and had zero enthusiasm about feeling his growing unborn son. While Laci and her mom tried to feel the boy she wanted to name Conner kick, Sharon leaned down and gave a message to her growing grandson. “Hello little Conner, this is your nanna talking to you. I love you. I can’t wait to meet you,” she said while laying on Laci’s eight month pregnant belly. Ten days later Laci vanished.

HollywoodLifers, does the Laci Peterson murder case still intrigue you after all of these years?

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